Many have guessed. Russell Westbrook After the first season with Los Angeles, he will find a new team Lakers. Now, he’s getting a new agent.

Lakers point guard and longtime agent Thad Futcher of Wasserman have parted ways in a controversial offseason, Futcher said. Adrian Wojnarowski told ESPN on Friday..

Foucher represented Westbrook from the beginning of his NBA career, when he was the fourth overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft and during his MVP-winning tenure with the Thunder and was traded to the Houston Rockets, Washington Wizards and Lakers. To date, he has earned $288 million in NBA salary. For Spotrac.

Where Westbrook and Faucher differ is where they believe is best for Westbrook this season. Foucher said in a lengthy statement to ESPN that another trade would be detrimental to Westbrook’s value and that his best option would be to stay with the Lakers, seemingly indicating that Westbrook wants out of Los Angeles.

Faucher described the situation as “irreconcilable differences”.

Despite new head coach Darwin Hamm, the Lakers disagreed with Foucher. Public pressure can adjust the point guard. The team has. He recently followed up on the Westbrook-Kyrie Irving trade.But that move could not materialize because the teams could not agree on compensation. Faucher says it’s up to the Lakers to increase the team’s price to take on Westbrook’s $47 million contract this offseason.

Here’s the statement via ESPN.

Full disclosure of Russell Westbrook’s former agent

“I represented Russell Westbrook for 14 years and am proud of our partnership, which included a very successful 2008 draft, a super contract and the only renegotiation and extension in history. I have also supported Russell throughout his rise to celebrity. Fashion industry personality and most recently represented Russell in three commercial series. He set the works — when a trade to his hometown Los Angeles Lakers ended.

“Each time, teams offered valuable players and assets to acquire Russell – and each time, a new organization welcomed his arrival. We put it together with grace and class.

“Now that the fourth trade in four years is possible, the market is telling the Lakers that they need to add more value with Russell in any trade scenario. And even then, such a trade would require Russell to move on immediately from the new team. Through a buyout.”

“My belief is that this type of transaction only serves to reduce Russell’s value, and the best option is for him to stay with the Lakers, accept the starting role and support that Darwin Hamm has officially offered. Russell is a first-ballot Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer. And he will prove it again before he retires.”

“Unfortunately, there are irreconcilable differences regarding his best path and we are not working together. I wish Russell and his family the best.”

Such blunt commentary on a former player is rare, and shows just how tenuous Westbrook’s place in the NBA is right now. Playing alongside LeBron James has seen his stats deteriorate across the board, and at his current salary, no teams seem to want him.

Russell Westbrook likes tweet calling Lakers agent’s statement fake

Shortly after Faucher’s statement was released, Westbrook was seen liking the page on Twitter, saying, “It has nothing to do with the Lakers situation. That’s it.” [cap].”

So Westbrook may have some ideas about how his agent handled the divorce.

Screenshot of Russell Westbrook's Twitter likes.  (Twitter)

Screengrab shows Russell Westbrook’s Twitter likes, tweets that have nothing to do with the Lakers situation. That’s it. [cap]” (Twitter)

Dan Wyke of the Los Angeles Times also reported that Westbrook has never requested a trade from the Lakers.

Meanwhile, James and Anthony Davis represent rich Paul and The coveted Westbrook was traded midway through last season.Watching from afar he had some ideas, ideas that James agreed with.

No good week from Lakers news.

LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 03: Russell Westbrook #0 of the Los Angeles Lakers during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the LA Clippers at Arena on Thursday, March 3, 2022 in Los Angeles.  (Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images)

Russell Westbrook is looking for a new agent and possibly a new team. (Photo by Keith Birmingham/Media News Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images)

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