Scientists believe that video games can lead to a victory against dementia

Research into dementia, which causes significant mental impairment, continues. Scientists have found several reasons in their efforts to reduce the risk of developing dementia. Diet and exercise are among the top leaders, but one possible solution is turning heads: video games.

To be clear, we’re not talking about the games you already know. How cool would it be to cut dementia an electrified cyber ninja carving a battle path from the core of the giant mech, but sometimes scientists prefer the boring route. Their loss.

Instead, they’re upping their game by focusing on certain mental tasks they think will help them fight dementia. In these games, you’ll rely on quick thinking to remember patterns and sounds to get the job done. Research is still ongoing, so there are no definitive answers as to whether this stuff really works. But many are hopeful. Millions of dollars have been spent on various projects. All are aimed at the same goal.

“Double Decision” is one of those projects. “The goal of Double Decision is to gradually increase the amount of visual information the brain can take in and the speed at which it can process information—capabilities that typically decline with age. Repeated play trains the brain to think and react faster, focus better and remember more.” says Michael Merzenich, chief scientist at Posit Science.

A version of the game is actually playable right now. It is available in the browser The Wall Street Journal website. It’s pretty rudimentary, like something you’d see on Newgrounds or CoolMathGames. But if the research holds weight, it could lead scientists to a very interesting conclusion.


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