The past week has seen the most amazing free agent intrigue ever seen in baseball history. Reports It emerged last week that the Giants had agreed to a short-term deal Carlos Correa A 13-year, $350MM deal. That deal, like all free agent deals, was pending physicals. However, it was reported The issue, which was reported during Corea’s physical yesterday, caused the Giants to delay a press conference to introduce Corea. After that was the wonderful midnight. Report Correa has a new deal with the Mets for 12 years and $315 million.

The entire baseball world is still trying to piece together how such a strange series of events unfolded. Korea agent Scott Boras gave his opinion today Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle And Athletic Ken Rosenthal.

“We have reached an agreement. We had a letter of agreement. We gave them time to do it,” Boras said. “They advised us that they still had questions. They still wanted to talk to other people, other doctors, to go through. ‘Look, I’ve given you a reasonable time. We need to move forward on this. Give me a deadline. If you can’t execute, I need to talk to other groups.’

It’s still not officially known what kind of issue the Giants had with Correa’s physical, but Boras has been chalked up to an old injury earlier than Correa’s time in the majors. “You’re talking about a player who has played eight major league seasons,” Boras said. “There are things that happened in the medical records decades ago. These are all speculative variables. Any group has the right to pass things and review things. The important thing is that we gave them (the giants) medical reports on time. They still want to sign the player and negotiate with the player.

Rosenthal suffered a season-ending foot injury in 2014 in Correa’s minor leagues, but was not placed on the lower leg injury list after his promotion to the majors. He’s also had back issues in the past, but his last IL stint was in 2019 due to a back injury.

Giants president of baseball operations Farhan Zadim also commented, though he didn’t go into specifics. Scott Boras said publicly that we are prohibited from disclosing confidential medical information, but there was a difference of opinion on the results of Carlos’ physical examination, he told reporters, including Zaidi. Alex Pavlovich of NBC Sports Bay Area. “We wish Carlos the best.”

With the Giants not providing any details, it’s worth repeating that we only have one side of the story. As Correa’s agent, Boras is certainly motivated to dismiss the Giants’ concerns as unreasonable or inconvenient. Correa’s new contract with the Mets is also pending a physical and won’t be official until that is finalized. However, if the Mets have the same threats as the Giants, it may be difficult for them to bounce back in the same way. Andy Martino from SNY Owner Steve Cohen discussed the deal on the record and reported that the Mets would face backlash if they backed out of the deal.

According to Rosenthal, it’s not entirely unheard of for medical professionals to come to different conclusions about a player’s health. This was the case with Boras-Mets Kumar RokerPicked 10th overall by the Mets in the 2021 draft. The Mets agreed to give the Boras-represented rocker a $6 million bonus before medical concerns killed the deal. Rocker re-entered the draft a year later and was selected third overall by the Rangers.

There have also been rare instances where free agents have agreed to terms with teams, but issues with physicals have surfaced before the deal is made public. Relief in one recent example Grant Balfour He agreed to a two-year, $15MM deal with the Orioles before the 2014 season. Oh, after Balfour’s physical activity, he was left behind and he instead Signed With radiation for two years and 12 mm. However, a similar situation has never been seen before for a free agent of Correa’s stature.

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