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Sunday’s game between the Bills and Dolphins had more than a few unique stories. A camera in each team’s coaching booth showed offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey blowing a gasket after the game.

Dorsey appeared He threw off his headphones, took off his hat, and repeatedly picked up and pounded the notebooks and papers – until someone’s hand covered the lens.

From raw footage to various memes, the video has been widely viewed in all corners of social media. On Monday, both coach Sean McDermott and Dorsey spoke with reporters about the situation.

“Ken and I talked about it,” McDermott told reporters via WROC-TV’s Tad Brown. “I think it’s something We have to protect our feelings. I love that he cares that much. I think that says a lot about his coach. That being said, we as leaders must maintain our sanity.

It was a tough game.” Dorsey said via Kimbelly Martin of “I’m watching my guys give everything they have. . . . It was a game atmosphere. . . . That’s how I reacted, and that’s definitely something I’ll learn from and make sure to fix moving forward.

Before the start of the season, the team’s official website announced Dorsey’s “Very competitive“Nature.

“He’s a good football coach, but he’s very competitive,” said Med Mitch Morse Cited as stated in the text. “The best way to describe it is that the Holy Spirit can come out of him and you don’t know when it will come out. You don’t want to be on the other end because it can be ruthless.”

The spirit that came out of Dorsey on Sunday seemed more demonic than blue, and it will be interesting to see if it continues. And whether the Bills and/or the league will allow various networks to air live footage of Dorsey having another meltdown.

With the Bills holding major advantages over the Dolphins in almost every statistical category but unable to extend their season dominance, Dorsey and others are understandably frustrated. And it underscores the enormous pressure on the entire organization to achieve sky-high expectations for a team that hasn’t won a Super Bowl in 29 years.

And consider this, the pressure on McDermott and Dorsey to figure out how to win close games. Including playoffs, the Bills are 0-7 in one-point games since the start of last season. They are 14-1 in all other contests.

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