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People have this idea that foldable smartphones are sleek and certainly not as durable as conventional devices. This is such an idea Samsung worked hard to get fired. It has greatly improved the durability of its foldable smartphones over the past few years.

There is no greater proof of this than the Galaxy Z Flip 4. A new teardown video shows just how much it has. Galaxy Z Flip 4 can pass and still remain fully functional. Hats off to Samsung’s engineering prowess.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 can be beat for sure

YouTuber JerryRigEverything is highly regarded for durability tests and teardown videos. He did the latter on the Galaxy Z Flip 4, which he did earlier it passed the durability test with flying colors.

The actual disassembly process goes as you might imagine. Screen peeling requires the use of a heat gun. Although the foldable panel has been removed from the bottom of the screen, we also see here that it retains the metal stand at the bottom of the screen. Galaxy Z Fold 4. Some metal slats and extra layer are also used to strengthen the screen around the hinge.

Removing the back panels also requires some heat application, after which the rest of the process is fairly standard. There are several tapes to untie and screws to unscrew. Then all components are released from their respective positions. You won’t see any thermal paste or vapor chambers to cool the internal components. Samsung relies on graphite pads for this purpose.

Once inside, we can see improved hinge mechanism Which Samsung has introduced with this device. Instead of gears, the new hinge device uses machined channels to make folding possible. Everything looks very well done, and what’s impressive is that when the whole process is reversed, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 comes back to life, even though it seems impossible.

We’ll certainly see Samsung’s foldable phones go from strength to strength in the durability department for future iterations. This shows that there is no need to baby Samsung’s foldable devices. They are built to last.

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