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I know a lot of people who say it’s a great strategy game set everywhere it would be hell, but these people don’t know what they’re missing.

Hell alone announced overnight and this is the next game of League of Geeks, Long lasting and very good behind the team Armello. Its official description is as follows:

Prepare yourself for Solium Infernum, a grand strategy game of politics, intrigue and betrayal set in the final arena of Hell.

As the powerful fallen Archfiend, the evil rulers of the Infernal Kingdom of Hell, you claim the Throne of Hell – the Great Black Majesty is absent, and a fevered Conclave calls for a replacement to be announced. Command fearsome legions, rank champion praetors, perform evil rituals, and outwit your rivals to become the new Dark Lord of Hell.

Something like “Grand Strategy Game”. Crusader Kingsa title where the player is asked to do all sorts of different things at the head of a faction, from managing the economy to moving armies fight political intrigues. Imagine that only here you compete to be new Great Dark Majesty.

Now for real the fun part: this isn’t a brand new game! Instead, it’s an attempt to do justice to one of the most interesting, if underrated, strategy games of the last 15 years. Designer Vic Davis, aka Cryptic Comet, has been released Hell alone In 2009 (his site is still live and you can even download a demo for it) and looked like this:

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Image: Hell alone

Armello’s take, meanwhile, looks like this:

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Image: Solium Infernum

If you’re noticing similarities between the above screenshot and Armello, that’s no coincidence. League of Geeks boss Trent Kusters said that “[Solium Infernum] He was a great inspiration for Armello. So it’s a real honor. We met Vic [Davis] for years. And when we are [thinking] “What are we going to do for our next game,” my co-founder Ty Carey was like, “let’s do it, let’s talk to him.”

Davis –who probably already designed the game and now selling donuts, that sounds amazing– Allowed the League of Geeks “Obtain” the IP and while doing so “it’s over “Mashal” was delivered to the Australian studio, who hopes for that Hell main experience (which led to this brilliant series Rock paper shotgun back in the day) may find a wider, more appreciative audience after being revised and a new coat of paint was given.

The game will launch on Steam in 2023, and you can watch its cinematic trailer below:

Only Hell – The Official Movie Reveal Trailer

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