In recent days, Google Photos users who have gone back a few years in their libraries have found images that can best be described as “corrupted”.

Over the weekend, people started noticing lines and deep cracks, as well as other blurry or distorted areas, in their old photos (more than five years old). White spots are also common. Some images are more damaged than others, with no apparent pattern of impact or severity.

It’s eerily similar to physical water damage, with reports on Google Photos for Android, iOS, and the web.

According to those affected, corruption continues while downloading the image. This seems to apply to both individual downloads and when using Google Takeout. The original copies of the photos are not affected, but the edited ones are what appear in the Google Photos apps.

Examples 1, 2, 3, 4

With them of reports and examples show nearly identical examples of this problem. The problem seems to have passed in the last day for some, but others are still affected. So it’s more likely that Google will eventually have a solution for this.

Not all users seem to have this problem, but it affects a fairly large number.

We will be contacting Google for more information and hopefully an explanation about these corrupted photos.

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