Sonic is pretty fast, but leaks are faster.

From Friday, the upcoming game Sonic Frontiers It was leaked with major spoilers circulating on social media platforms like Twitter. While supporters are taking advantage of this opportunity leak major plot points, others took a different approach. Some people use the new mechanic in the game to take silly pictures in the game as crewmates. Between us.

Sonic Frontiers It’s the next major installment in Sega’s popular franchise. The game is set was officially released on November 8 For Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. However, it seems that some people have gotten their hands on early copies of the game and are recording and streaming gameplay and sharing footage on Twitch. the game.

One of the game’s new gimmicks is a new mechanic called Cyloop. The special power is like a bright light trail that follows Sonic as he runs. The power can be used both while exploring the large world and in battle. When used in the larger world, it is similar to painting on a landscape, and thus players use it to take extremely creative photos.

Of course, this has its limitations. From what we’ve seen in the leaked gameplay, it only lasts for so long and everything you draw must be drawn in one continuous line. Still, art and innovation find a way.

Sure, these examples are impressive, but when someone learns how to take a “picture”, call S.”

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