Ubisoft is coming reconstruction of the original Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell creative director Chris Auty said in a newly released video celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Splinter Cell franchise that it’s still in early production and prototyping, but its creators hinted at what to expect on Thursday in terms of new features and concept art. the game.

whom discussed earlier by A fragmented cell reset the commandUbisoft Toronto “see[ing] go back to the plot, the characters, and the overall story of the original game,” Auty said, making some improvements on “things that haven’t aged particularly well,” but promised that “the core of the story, the experience will remain the same as the original game.”

Technical director Christian Carriere touched on the technical innovations planned for A fragmented cell A remake that highlights advances in artificial intelligence that will mimic different behaviors and reactions of enemies. “Obviously, a special forces soldier is going to be better trained,” Carriere said.[and] they will breach differently or enter rooms differently than a regular guard would.

“We can really improve the interaction with the AI, how they react and what they react to,” said lead game designer Andy Schmoll. “And with all of this, we can improve the cat-and-mouse game between Sam and the enemies, especially since our enemies behave like trained professionals.”

Carriere also mentioned audiovisual updates like ray-traced global lighting for more realistic lighting effects and better audio simulations, which will help create “really, really, really engaging and detailed settings.”

The A fragmented cell the remake team said they’ve been “in the dark” for a while to focus on the game, offering only a few glimpses of what players can expect in the form of the first piece of artwork. You can see some of it in the gallery below.

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