EDGEWOOD, Ky. – A new blood test can screen patients for 50 different types of cancer, St. Elizabeth Healthcare announced Tuesday.

Gallery is a test that detects DNA from cancer cells in the blood. The hospital says it can identify tumors that require medical attention and detect cancers that are usually difficult to detect.

“This test is very good at picking up cancers like ovarian or pancreatic cancer where there are currently no good screening options,” said Jaime Grand, director of St. Elizabeth’s Precision Medicine and Breast Centers. “Those cancers are difficult to detect in the early stages. This new test allows us to diagnose those diseases in a way that we couldn’t detect before.”

At this time, tests are only done for breast, cervix, colon, lung and prostate cancer. St. Elizabeth 70 percent of cancer deaths are from cancers that do not have effective screening.

The blood test is for patients over the age of 50 who are believed to be cancer-free but may be at risk. Previously diagnosed patients must have been in remission for at least three years prior to diagnosis.

Once the blood is drawn, the results are available within two weeks. The test identifies a positive test for certain parts of the body. St. Elizabeth patients are immediately enrolled in their cancer prevention clinic, where they can schedule an appointment with an oncologist.

St. Elizabeth said it had completed testing on “a small number of patients.” Only 1-2% of people may get positive results depending on the extent of the cancer.

“If you take this test, you’re more likely to be reassured than stressed,” Grund said. “We’re still developing a network to identify people with cancer through this test. It’s an opportunity to help with diagnosis and treatment.”

The test is not covered by insurance and costs $949 out of pocket. To learn more, patients should contact a licensed genetic counselor at 859-301-GENE.

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