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Do you often feel stubborn and stubborn? Notice recurrent aches and pains? Maybe there is a good reason. “As we get older, we lose fluid and flexibility in our joints and muscles,” says Lynn Miller of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). These aging effects – such as arthritis, years of computer use or repeated gardening activities – can reduce variability and reduce your activity level.

In addition to following Back pain And for other everyday ailments, this flexibility makes it difficult to do everyday tasks, such as picking up a fallen fork or looking at your neck while driving. According to Michael Rogers, director of research at the Center for Exercise and Aging at Wichita State University, that flexibility reduces your ability to participate in cardiovascular and strength training.

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Regular stretching feels good, is easy to work with and can take a long time to help you become flexible, which is why ACSM recommends doing it two or three times a week and doing more if possible. Here is how.

If you’ve been exercising several times a week in the past, former president and ACSM partner Carol Garber recommends stretching your muscles after a walk or exercise program.

Feel incompetent? Extending it can be especially helpful for people who are not seated, says Garber.

For an stretching program, you can visit your local community center or gym. But depending on your fitness level, the offers in these places may or may not be right for you. You can also see stretching exercises for adults on National Institute on Aging YouTube Channel. Alternatively Ask your doctor about finding a physical therapist who can teach you personalized procedures. A fitness trainer can do the same.

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And if you want to combine stretching with other exercises, consider yoga or tailoring, says Millar. “If a person has difficulty working on his or her own, if he or she loves teamwork or wants something a little stronger, a little more balanced, more flexible and maybe even more mentally healthy,” she says.

Although we all have different defenses, many people can benefit from the flexibility of the muscles, shoulders and neck, says Rogers. These stretches, performed three times for 10 and 60 seconds on each side, can be resolved.

Constipation; Sit on the edge of a chair with your right foot straight and heel on the floor. Keep your back straight and lean forward and reach your right foot with your right hand. Once you feel tightness in your hips, stop and hold it.

Shoulders: When standing, hold a small towel in your right hand and throw it over your right shoulder. Reach behind your left hand to hold the towel down. Pull the towel with your left hand until you feel tension on your right shoulder and upper arm.

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Neck With your spine straight, your shoulders back and your legs flat on the floor, try to stretch your chin to your shoulders by tilting your head to one side. Hold on when you feel a stretch.

Stretching your muscles well can take five to 10 minutes (although more time is better).

You want to focus on one place at a time – your shoulders for example – and stretch until you feel a little stressed but there is no pain. General advice is to keep stretching for 10 to 30 seconds. However, older adults can use the ACSM for up to 60 seconds. Repeat each stretch several times to get the most out of your session.

And note: If you have limited mobility or other physical issues, you can do a lot of stretching from where you are sitting or standing, and use a stable chair to get up and down as needed.

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