Suicide Squad one of the more controversial elements of Rocksteady’s upcoming co-op shooter, the gear score, has been completely removed from the game, the developers have confirmed. However, the game is still very much a looter-shooter.

Suicide Squad comes from Batman: Arkham City devs and takes place in the same version of the DC universe. When it was Rocksteady started to release gameplay footage (not to mention all that leaks), fans were worried about everyone live service elements. A much hated thing was the inclusion of gear scores seen in the games Fate 2. For skeptical fans, it was another indication Suicide Squad he was not the only player Batman they asked for a sequel. But now the developers have announced that the gear account is gone Suicide Squad.

A Screenshot Of Rocksteady'S Discord Q&A Announcement On Twitter.

On January 12 developers held a question-and-answer session into the game’s official Discord server. At one point, someone asked about the various rare loot levels in the game, and Game Director Axel Rydby explained that one of the studio’s “core design philosophies” Suicide Squad was to create a gear system that “didn’t increase linearly in power” and didn’t offer a “clear path” to the best loot.

“In that spirit, one of the biggest changes we’ve made over the last year is removing Gear Score from the game,” Rydby said. “This change means that, for example, players who find a Legendary weapon they love early in the game can use it without fear of getting themselves shot by not equipping another weapon (as is). higher Gear Score.”

Rydby went on to explain that instead of hunting for higher gear scores, players will now want to find cool loot that works best with their build, playstyle, or favorite gear.

“A big part of our endgame is to theorize gear pieces that can synergize and how to build structures. That’s one of the things I’m really excited about when we launch the game — seeing what crazy builds you all come up with,” Rydby said.

The rest of the Q&A goes into great detail about the loot, making it clear that the game remains a co-op loot shooter at its core, despite the gear score ending. Still, it’s nice to see the developers responding to player feedback and ripping out such an obnoxious item Suicide Squad. Will it help win over fans who aren’t excited for the upcoming game? Probably not. But it can help make the game better in the end.