Publisher CubeGame and developer Softstar Technology (Beijing) will release Sword and fairy 7 downloadable content for “The Dream World” PC through Steam On February 14, the company announced that it will be sold for $3.99 with a 10 percent discount for the first week.

The PlayStation 5, Xbox series, PlayStation 4and Xbox One versions Sword and fairy 7– titled Sword and Fairy: Always together— will receive the downloadable content later as a free update.

Here is an overview of the content that can be downloaded through it Steam page:


Sword and fairy 7 one action role-playing game Developed by Softstar Technology (Beijing). The game’s first downloadable content, “Dreamlike World”, is a continuation of the original story with new gameplay and mechanic designs. We would like to provide a unique gaming experience to all players.

Key Features

  • New Story – Yue Qingshu and Ziqiu’s new journey, unknown danger awaits their challenge.
  • New System – Yue Qingshu will grasp the new five element skills and use them to realize his goals.
  • New character – The cute boy Ziqiu can now be controlled by the players in the game, let’s check what he will do in this journey.
  • New Map – Dive into the mysterious world and let’s see if they could find the truth.

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