The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a big game, and if you don’t know where to look, it can be easy to miss some of its best missions. In the same breath (in the wild), it’s easy to get really frustrated trying to cut through the noise to find something good. Today we are here to talk. To set some ground rules, these are all off-the-beaten-path content of the four main quests in Hyrule, so while some may be called basic quests in the game’s adventure journal, you still have to go out of your way to find them. they are. Here are some of the best assistants worth looking for Tears of the kingdom.

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Buy a camera

It’s actually kind of annoying that the camera isn’t given to you early on, because who doesn’t love taking photos of all their adventures throughout Hyrule? Who can spend hours in the paint shop getting a perfect match and not want to show it off? If you want to unleash your inner photographer, head to Lookout Landing in the middle of the map and complete the Camera Job in the Depths task. This mission has Link teaming up with explorers Josha and Robbie to explore the underground Hyrule. The quest is short and sweet, but ends with Robbie opening up the Camera app for you so you can take all kinds of cool pictures. Tears of the kingdom. Do it early and if you need some guidance, we’ve got you covered.

Get the ultimate secret ability

After opening the Camera for Robbie Purah Pad, you’ll get a new quest called Mystery in the Deep. As the name suggests, this will require you to return to Hyrule’s underground square, which will require more time and effort than unlocking the chamber. Josha will send you into the depths to follow a series of statues, each one pointing to another statue, eventually leading you to where you’ll unlock the ultimate Ultrahand ability. We won’t spoil what it does for you, but suffice it to say, it will make building even simpler. However, expect a boss fight at the end. It’s not difficult, but bring some healing supplies and arrows to the Deep with you.

Make monster dioramas

The Hyrule Compendium gives you a reason to take photos of the enemies you encounter Tears of the kingdom, there’s also a quest in Tarrey called A Terrible Collection that turns your photos into sculptures and adjusts your taste. Kilton, from whom you will remember Breath of the Wild as a monster enthusiast, asks Link to take photos of special monsters he encounters throughout Hyrule. Once you bring those photos back, he’ll turn the creatures you’ve captured into sculptures that can be placed in dioramas. This makes for great photo ops and gives you a reason to fill out the Hyrule Compendium along the way. Be prepared for an increase in difficulty as the quest continues. You’ll start out taking pictures of small threats, which will quickly evolve into some of the game’s most vicious enemies.

Spread the good news

One of the first things I did Tears of the kingdom Lucky worked with the Clover Gazette. The paper investigates the possible apparitions of the titular princess who disappears at the beginning of the game. I was lucky enough to stumble across this 12-part questline outside of Rito Village, as it’s a pretty detailed tour of Hyrule, requiring you to visit 12 stalls all over the map. It’s a great framing device for seeing parts of the map and provides a basis for searching shrines and Skyview Towers for fast travel points. In the end, you’ll get a nice nest egg of rupees, a golden horse, and a set of armor that helps you climb without slipping in the rain. Plus, you’ll spend hours with Penn, the best reporter in all of Hyrule.

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Democracy does not die when a prince disappears

Yes, Ganondorf is causing cataclysmic trouble for the citizens of Hyrule, but there’s still time for local politics. Mayoral elections are one of the highlights in Hateno village. He follows two candidates for mayor of the village, one representing the fashionable youth and the current mayor who has the interests of the community’s agribusiness as his main focus. Link ends up interacting with both candidates in a series of quests and sees much of Hateno’s cultural background in the process. Although many side requirements are included Tears of the kingdom If you walk around on the map and see the sights, the Mayoral Elections are within the boundaries of Hateno Village. It’s a reminder that not everything Link faces is a Ganondorf-sized threat.

Lean on me when I’m not strong

Tears of the kingdom Between the Korok seeds and the activation of the shrine, there are plenty of collectibles on the map, but a later addition is the inclusion of Addison, an avid carpenter advocate who does most of the work for Hudson, who runs a construction company in Hyrule. He holds up signs promoting Hudson’s recovery program as he tries to rebuild Hyrule after Ganondorf’s destruction ravages the world. However, almost none of the signs are in a fixed location, and Addison, unwilling to allow Hudson to defy the laws of gravity, holds them all by himself. But you, as an upstanding citizen, can help these signs stand up by using the Ultrahand ability on the materials next to each sign so that Addison can let go and move on with her life.

They are a silly framework for an interesting microcosm Tears of the kingdom‘s design gives you a problem and tells you to solve it. There are no settings, just the tools at your disposal. They’re a fun little mind game around Hyrule, and who doesn’t want to help Addison find a new hobby?

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Put on a show for the Great Fairies

properly Zelda according to tradition, the Great Fairies are good friends to have in Link’s corner as he travels around Hyrule. But the giant magical ladies have since gone into hiding Breath of the Wild, and they only come back to the surface when they hear the music they love. In the process of awakening the Great Fairies, you’ll also reunite the Stable Trotters, a band of musicians scattered across the map. There are four Great Fairies to find, but you’ll have to guide members of the Stable Trotters to their lightbulb homes, usually using the Ultrahand ability to fix their carts. The reward is your favorite music and an ally to upgrade your armor. However, keep in mind that in order to complete these quests, you must complete some of the Lucky Clover Gazette quests.

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