Tears of the kingdom was out for a weekend and y’all are messing around there. While I expect players to get wild and weird with their creations, I was excited to see that the first game is only 24 hours away. flame-spewing phallus When it came to my timeline, the creativity of the players took a completely unexpected and dark turn.

It’s about the Koroks, you see.

whom Breath of the Wild, twit forest spirits litter the land in remote locations and strange configurations. Here, pick up a prominently placed cobblestone or follow a moving leaf there to reveal a cheerful little critter who’s happy you took the time to play his cute little game of hide-and-seek. You are rewarded for your time and intelligence with Korok seed, which you can hand in to increase your weapon inventory. But in this game, there are additional missions where you can reunite Koroks, separated from their friends, burdened with heavy backpacks.

He takes advantage of difficulties TotKnew powers that allow you to craft airplanes, trainsand cars To help stranded travelers get from point A to point B. But some players don’t want to help the Koroks, instead…

Search for “korok” on TikTok and you’ll get tons of videos of gamers killing these tiny, helpless creatures. Some of these terrible abuses are accidents, of course, with Korox falling victim to the early vagaries of physics and user error.

But deliberately abusing Korox became its own extraordinary activity tears of the kingdom, players outdo themselves to craft the most hideous torture devices. I have seen understandable horrors. I have seen them burned, exploded, draggedand crucified.

Thankfully, Koroks, being immortal, good-natured spirits, cannot really be killed. If you throw them into the abyss, they bounce back to the nearest solid surface. They don’t seem to feel pain, just soft “Oops” and “I have to go see my friend!” when they roast them alive. Yet these are Koroks, you monsters! They are babies! They know nothing and have never hurt anyone! Maybe Ganon has a point. Maybe we should listen to him. Because I have seen the face of evil and it is not him.

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