A woman holding her stomach in pain.

Doctors set up an ultrasound scan for Chloe Etheridge (not pictured) which found two tumors on her ovaries.Getty Images

  • A 24-year-old woman goes to the ER after her abdominal pain worsens and she is diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

  • Doctors arranged for an ultrasound examination, which found two tumors on Chloe Etheridge’s ovaries.

  • Etheridge told SWNS that she “ignored” her pain for months because she didn’t know it was cancer.

A 24-year-old who had been “ignoring” her bloating and abdominal pain for months was diagnosed with a rare disease. ovarian cancer, According to the report.

Chloe Etheridge from England experienced it first. Swelling And Abdominal pain In December 2021. In April 2022, her abdominal pain was so bad she went to the emergency room, for Southwest News Service.

Doctors prepared an ultrasound scan, which found two Tumors on her ovaries. One was seven inches long and the other was about four inches, she told SWNS.

‘I don’t think young women know the signs of ovarian cancer’

Three months later, on 11 July 2022, doctors told Etheridge that she had germ-cell ovarian cancer, a rare form of the disease that occurs in adolescence, although it can occur at any age. National Institutes of Health Genetics and Rare Diseases Information Center.

In general, women are diagnosed with cervical cancer after menopause and it rarely occurs in people under 40 years of age. To develop the disease, by American Cancer Society. It is estimated that 19,710 women in the US will be newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2023 and 13,270 women will die from the disease.

Symptoms of germ-cell ovarian cancer, which affects fewer than 1,000 people in the U.S., include: pelvic mass, fever, vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, according to GARD.

Other symptoms of ovarian cancer include: pain in the pelvis or back, swelling, and feeling full “too quickly.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Other conditions can cause these symptoms, but “the only way to know is to see your doctor, nurse, or other health care professional,” the CDC says.

Etheridge told SWNS she ignored her symptoms because she didn’t know they could be cancerous. “I don’t think young women know the symptoms of cervical cancer,” she said.

Chemotherapy was ‘brutal’

Cervical cancer treatment depends on the type of cancer and how far it has spread, but includes chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and surgery. Etheridge began chemotherapy the day after her diagnosis for six months.

“It was incredibly brutal. My chemotherapy had seven different chemical components. The side effects were horrible, nausea, fatigue, hearing loss – I still can’t hear some frequencies now,” she said.

In the year On January 11, Etheridge underwent surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible.

She told SWNS that the procedure went “really well” and that she is “making a full recovery.”

According to ACSGerm cell ovarian tumors usually have a “good outlook”, with more than 90% surviving more than five years after diagnosis.

Etheridge shared her story to raise awareness: “I think for women, we’re meant to live with pain because we have periods, but it doesn’t have to be that way.”

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