If there is an inside quarterback San Francisco 49ers The story of how a player started his career unsure of how he would perform for the rest of his career, is Steve Young.

That’s why the Hall of Famer, who spent his first two years as a pro with 21 interceptions with 11 touchdowns against a terrible Tampa Bay Buccaneers team and the next four as Joe Montana’s understudy, seems to be patient with Niners QB Trey. Lance instead directed his criticism at Kyle Shanahan and his game plan.

as if Interview with “Tolbert and Cope” on KNBR Young made several points of concern Wednesday regarding Shanahan’s handling of the Lancers, assuming the coaching staff was thrilled with last week’s conservative offensive game plan in the first half. It was only when the Chicago Bears roared back to take the lead that the onslaught opened up, at which point the weather proved to be a stumbling block. Young was asked if Shanahan’s conservative calling denied him the opportunity to “get in the groove” earlier with Lance.

“It wasn’t like, ‘Here’s your party,'” Young said. “No, it was very, very careful, very reserved. A 10-0 lead ended. At half time, Kyle probably thought to himself, ‘Perfection, everything is fine, let’s close this down.’ Then they got busy.”

It doesn’t appear to be the first time Young has felt San Francisco’s play-calling stunted Lance’s progress. In discussing Lance’s development, the southpaw, known for his ability to pass through the middle, fired a couple of downfield shots at the organization’s management of Lance’s occasional playing opportunities in 2021.

“I don’t know how you felt about Trey’s appearances last year, not just a few, but so far, that to me, if they were really grooming him, they could have found more spots for him,” Young said. “And then when it came out, it felt like there were 15 quarterback runs. You just never know you’re going to want to test the quarterback.”

The fifth-leading rusher in league history and first in franchise history for quarterbacks can understand the value of mobility at QB.

Like many Niners fans, he hopes they get younger more “wider” With the game plan, even In the rain forecast This Sunday when they host the Seattle Seahawks. If the Niners are a team with designs on the playoffs this year, as by all accounts they should be, they need Lance to get a chance to show if he can sink or swim. If you follow Yang’s advice, maybe next time the water calms down, you’ll let him swim instead of keeping him for three-quarters of an hour and then tossing him into a storm.

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