The CVD-19 hospitals in California and Bay Area have reached their peak since February as the region underwent winter osmotic surgery.

As of Friday, 4,009 people had been hospitalized. Kovid-19 According to the California Department of Public Health, 770 patients were reported in Bay Area Hospitals.

Covid’s entry into the Bay Area intensive care unit also increased to 94, up from 63 a month ago. The region accounts for about a quarter of the 419 ICU patients in the state.

The infection remains high Like all over California Test-positive speed is close to record levels. The state is dealing with 40 new cases of cholera every 100,000 people, and 16.7% of cases are diagnosed with the virus. The Bay Area is reporting 43 cases per 100,000 residents every day, a figure that has remained largely unchanged for more than a month.

But issues are probably too much for people to report at home right now – the results are often not registered with the state or county – or they never try.

Highly contagious and immunocompromised: Evaviv BA.4 and BA.5 The Omicron subway line is currently the largest species in northern California, the region’s second largest COVID-19 since the outbreak.

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