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The Steam Fall Sale went live and will continue until November 28 at 1:00 PM EST. Steam sales are always a good chance to catch up on games; With so many new titles released every year, it’s impossible to play them all. Luckily, the Steam Fall Sale has deep discounts on some great titles that demand your attention. If you’ve got some cash before the holidays, you could do a lot worse than splurge on one of these options.

Photo: Supergiant Games

HellOne of the best games of 2020 is available for $12.49, 50% off its original price. But an even better deal is the Supergiant Games bundle for $35.63, or 73% off the total price of four games and five tracks. you will get Hell, Bastion, Transistor, and Piraeus — with every soundtrack — and a 10th anniversary soundtrack featuring music from all the games. The Bastion the multiple award-winning soundtrack is worth the price of the whole package in my opinion; The music in Supergiant’s first game absolutely packs a punch.

The developer is waiting to release Hell 2 What better way to prepare for 2024 than early access and revisiting Supergiant’s back catalog? – Nicole Carpenter

Image: Strange Pier

El Paso, elsewhere Strange Scaffold was released by the developer in September, but you can get it now for $15.99, 20% off its original price of $19.99. If you’re a fan of Max Payne and PlayStation 1 visuals, or just original third-person shooters, this is worth checking out El Paso, elsewhere out. Playing as James Savage, you can slow down time to destroy hordes of different monsters. Not only a solid shooter, but also El Paso, elsewhere It also has a very beautiful story. -NC

Image: Geometric interactive/Annapurna interactive via Polygon

cocoon It’s a game that surprised me a lot; it felt like it came out of nowhere and was suddenly at the top of the games of the year list. Released by Geometric Interactive in late September, cocoon is a puzzle game about worlds within worlds, most of which exist inside spheres that you can walk around. In addition to holding worlds, the orbs each have unique powers, meaning they each have a different role to explore. cocoonsecrets of

Despite its recent release, cocoon Available for $19.99 or 20% off the original price of $24.99. -NC

Photo: Motive Studio/Electronic Arts

When Dead Space originally released in 2008, it received tons of praise for being a truly terrifying sci-fi shooter. The 2023 remake of the game, released in January, lives up to that legacy. Isaac Clarke’s harrowing journey through the USG Ishimura looks better than ever, even under a thick layer of dirt and blood, and the narrative’s foray into new territory works well to humanize Isaac. The Dead Space the remake is one of the best survival horror movies to come out of the genre’s golden age, and at a full 50% off ($29.99), it’s worth experiencing the thrill of the terrifying Necromorph hordes. – Kas Marshall

Image: Electronic Arts via Hazelight Studios/Polygon

Considering most of us have at least one friend, two-player co-op games are surprisingly rare. Exit and It takes two are exceptions to the rule built entirely around two-person cooperative play. The stories are completely different, but the basic mechanics are similar and based on playing with a friend.

In Exitplayers take on the role of two convicts who team up to escape from prison and seek revenge. It takes two is the story of a couple on the verge of divorce who are trapped in the bodies of dolls. Both tales force players to work together on a platform, solving puzzles and overcoming the odds. Exit 85% off, just under $5 and It takes two It’s 75% off for $11.99. – CENTIMETER

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