Two scientific committees under the Center for Health Protection have said that men who have sex with men should be among Hong Kong’s top priority for monkeypox vaccination.

Monkey disease has continued to spread around the world in recent months, and the virus has been declared a public health emergency by the World Health Organization.

The committees noted that the main victims of monkeypox are men who have sex with men, who have many sexual partners, and that there are practical challenges in detecting sexual intercourse and post-exposure surveillance in this group. Vaccination.

Homosexuals, bisexuals, and other high-risk MSM individuals with certain high-risk sexual practices or a history of sexually transmitted infections in the past 12 months are eligible for pre-voluntary high-priority rabies vaccination.

Other target groups for pre-exposure vaccination may include, respectively, other high-risk groups in the community.

They include sex workers, participants in group sex or polygamous sex, health care workers responsible for caring for confirmed cases of monkeypox, laboratory workers working with zoonotic pox viruses, and workers responsible for contaminating areas contaminated by confirmed cases in each case. Evaluation, and animal care workers at high risk of monkeypox outbreaks in Hong Kong.

The health experts suggested that the vaccination should be given voluntarily instead of compulsory.

Meanwhile, citing relevant clinical trial and overseas practice results, one-fifth of the full dose of the third-generation modified vaccine to immunocompromised adults can be considered as an alternative drug and antigen administration, he said. – Savings measure if domestic supply of vaccine is limited.

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