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Removed Core i9-14900KS on prebuilt PCs

System integrators will sell gaming PCs equipped with delidded Intel processors.

14900Ks Hero

according to Der8auer, Intel has entered into exclusive agreements with selected system integrators behind closed doors. This deal is for the sale of Intel Core i9 processors with full warranty voided. Although there is no confirmation of such a deal with any partner, it is a fact that some companies have already started offering such deals.

Stripped processors allow enthusiasts to apply direct die coolers along with premium thermal compound, which can lead to better heat dissipation, lower power consumption, and overall better performance. Removal is not a good idea considering that such processors often void the warranty and may result in permanent damage to the processor. This is even more troubling when you consider the Core i9-14900KS, the most expensive Intel desktop CPU at $699.

It turns out that Der8auers information has already been confirmed. Maingear already offers the delided i9-14900KS and promises “increased performance and cooling”.

14900Ks Delidded Maingaer 1

System with Delided 14900KS, Source: MainGear

Upgrading from 14900K to 14900KS comes at a $342 higher price ($5339 → $5681). That’s an insane price for a gaming system that doesn’t even have RTX 4090 graphics, but has a 4080; However, it’s worth noting that this computer has full custom water cooling, and it’s designed to be the company’s best offering.

Some of these pre-built systems will be offered with factory fine-tuning, aka overclocking, which usually means voiding the warranty. In this case, the CPU will already be removed and may have overclocking functionality while still offering warranty.

One can only wonder if companies like Maingear already buy delided processors from Intel or rely on the deliding process in-house. This could be confirmed by dismantling one such system.

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