One member of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Vaccination Advisory Team explains why. Omicron body increase fall out Kovid-19 Lack of critical information and raises serious questions about the Biden administration Role The process in politics.

July 6 Interview with ZDoggMDDr. Paul Offet, Director of the Center for Immunization Education and Professor of Pediatrics at the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, Vaccine and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) Recent meeting As “unusual”

Office continues to draw

“I have never seen anything like it. What annoys me the most is that when we get to these meetings, I usually get something from the FDA, which I usually get a few days before you meet. You will usually find two hundred pages.

“Here, on the other hand, you usually get the EU [Emergency Use Authorization] Submission from the company is 85 to 100 pages long, and then you will receive an FDA review of all that information. It’s a very in-depth review. But not here. Here, it was 22 pages from the FDA, which included half a page of Pfizer data and half a page of Modena data.

“You can get it from here press releaseSaid Offet. “Of course there was no more detail than the press release.”

Vaccination consultants are always asked to consider whether the benefits outweigh the risks – although they are generally small and sometimes unknown, there is an Offit. “I didn’t see the benefits.”

Out of 21 voting members, 19 votes “Yes” Because “I don’t see the evidence for that.”

“I think this is what the Biden administration wants,” he added.

“I may be wrong, but the other strange thing about this meeting is that we are the advisory committee, we are being consulted,” Ophit said. “So it usually happens that they provide the data. Here is the information. What advice do you have? And people may ignore our advice.

However, in June 28 meetingSomeone from the World Health Organization (WHO) made the suggestion, which is a good idea, Ofit said. “Then someone from the FDA was presenting their opinion.”

“That is unusual. “Then the next day from HHS. You read his press release [U.S. Department of Health and Human Services] He says the government has decided. Buy at least 105 million doses Up to 300 million doses from Pfizer.

The VRBPAC press release was correct. Decided “So you feel the adjustment is a little bit,” Ofit said a day earlier. “Maybe that wasn’t the right phrase, but it was what they wanted and I felt like we were led here and we felt a serious lack of information.”

According to Offet, all CVD-19 vaccines were based on the Wahan species before and after the export of China, and now BA.4 and BA.5 represent more than half of the ropes in this country.

The FDA says it is reasonable to try to increase immunity by including omeprazole or omega-3 subunits in the bivalve vaccine. But “Moderena and Pfizer both provided information at the June 28 meeting and it was not mandatory.”

Offit Explained

“They did the research correctly. So, they took people who had previously received three doses of grandparents and then took a fourth dose with their great-grandparents and compared that with the three doses of grandparents who took the fourth dose of bivalent strain containing oxycodone mRNA vaccine. [BA.1] As well as ancestral vaccination. This is the right way to conduct the study.

“Then: ተዋል observed anti-viral antibodies against oxycodone and… found: ሲያ When antibodies were enriched, they increased by 1.75 times the protection of antibodies against oxycodone.

“Okay, what does the question mean? What that number means, and the answer is statistically significant, I think, but I don’t think this is clinically significant.

“The reason I say this is that there was a double difference between Moderna and Pfizer in terms of antibodies against the first vaccines approved in mid-December 2020. Modre and antibodies were doubled, but this vaccine did not translate into a significant clinical difference in the prevention of serious disease.

In other words, it is not necessary to double the number of antibodies. It is related to efficiency.

Offit’s second concern is whether the CVD-19 vaccines protect against BA.4 and BA.5 subtypes once they have gone viral.

“Now both companies have provided you with information on what a neutral antibody is for BA.4 / BA.5 after the fourth dose, but they have not shown you what a neutral antibody is for BA.4 / BA.5. If your fourth size is ancestral stress, ”Offett said. “They never showed this information.”

He added: “This is obviously something to do because that’s why you have teams to monitor your experiment, and I find it weird that it didn’t come.” “That bothered me.”

Offit indicated that there were no animal models or “independent anti-human data to support this.”

FDA ‘burden on Covide-19 vaccines’ decreasing’

“There are things that can happen. Billions of dollars ZDoggMD told Offit that there is no clear and convincing evidence that the vaccine will improve our outcomes, including these osmotic-based incentives to convert the vaccine from ancestors to a new species of bivalve. . However, for FDA, the burden of evidence seems to be going down and down rather than at your convenience.

Offit indicated that the improved incentive is a new product and is surprised that many are willing to move forward with such “inconvenient little evidence”.

Offit said:

“No one can predict myocarditis associated with mRNA vaccines. I don’t think anyone can predict this stabilization with thrombocytopenia syndrome. So lower yourself.

such as Defendant reportedHHS announced the unification of June 29 Pre-purchase Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for over 105 million doses $ 3.2 billionWith options to buy up to 300 million doses.

Of Biden Management He used recycled money to buy more vaccines, “betting on the next promoters without knowing who needs them or how they work.”

Of Contract Includes adult and pediatric treatment rates and re-integrated incentive rates It contains the main differences of Wuhan And BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron subvariants.

The announcement was made one day after the completion of the FDA VRACAC. 19 voted for 2 In the future, he advises vaccinators to target Omicron sub-variants before advising the FDA to recommend an improvement in the incubation of the Ovidron component in the future.

Watch ZDoggMD’s interview with Dr. Paul Off

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