Spring Coronavirus Swelling, which turns into a summer coronary heart disease, begins to occur Additional hospital admissionAlthough the severity of the disease is still very low before the widespread vaccination. Vaccination for Infants and Toddlers There is better news Three weeks after the approval of smallpox vaccines, Bay Area counties are seeing immunization rates. Higher than regional and national people.

The fourth dose of the vaccine reduced covide mortality in the elderly by 72 percent

The fourth COVID-19 vaccine reduced the mortality rate among the elderly by 72%, according to a study by Israeli researchers. Scientists at Tel Aviv University, Ben Gurion University, and the Ministry of Health compared data from 24,088 nurses who received the fourth dose of BNT162b2 vaccine developed by Pfizer-BioNTech compared to 19,687 nurses who received only three doses. The study Published by JAMA Internal MedicineIn addition, the supplement reduced the risk of infection by 34%, and hospitalized by more than 60%.

Judge Condemns China by Cowd-19 China

A federal judge on Friday dismissed Missouri Republican prosecutor Eric Schmidt’s allegations that China was responsible for the cholera epidemic. As reported by the Associated Press. The April 2020 complaint alleges that Chinese authorities “are responsible for the world’s largest deaths, suffering, and economic losses, including those of Missourians.” U.S. District Judge Stephen Limbaw said in a 38-page ruling that federal law prohibits a foreign body from being prosecuted in a U.S. court. “In general, the court has no choice but to dismiss this fictitious complaint of lack of jurisdiction over the matter,” Limbaw said at the end of the dismissal order. The judge said in a previous statement that the civil case against China was “one of the culprits of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Schmidt’s office said it would appeal the decision.

Senate Majority Leader Schumer has been arrested in Covide-19

A spokesman for the Senate said on Sunday night that Chuck Schumer, a senior member of the Senate, had a positive test for CVD-19 and had very mild symptoms. The 71-year-old Schumer was fully vaccinated and received two stimulant shots, according to spokesman Justin Goodman. The New York Democrats will follow federal health guidelines and exclusions as they work remotely this week. As reported by the Associated Press. “Anyone who knows Leader Schumer is not physically in the capital, but he knows that in virtual conferences and trademarks, the phone will continue to be a strong program and will be in constant contact with colleagues,” Goodman said.

US orders 3.2 million Novavaks vaccine

After federal regulators provide green light, the Biden administration buys 3.2 million doses of the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine. Department of Health and Human Services And the pharmacist announced Monday. The vaccine will be the fourth free cholera vaccine brand in the United States after the Food and Drug Administration approved it for emergency use and provided it to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Reuters reported. The Novavax version, which is used in more than 40 countries than the most widely used Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines in Novavax in the United States, Maryland, is more traditional and protein-free if not in contact with 27 million U.S. adults. They have not yet been vaccinated.

Infants and toddlers in the Bay Area are getting vaccinated faster than anywhere else.

According to statistics from several local health departments, immunization among infants and adolescents in the Bay region appears to be at the regional and national levels. About three weeks after vaccinations are available for infants and toddlers, about 12% of children under 5 years of age have received their first immunizations, compared to the same level as in previous releases, San Francisco said. Department of Public Health. Read more about the Bay Area Amazing early success When they get their little bullets.

Admission to Bay Area Hospital has increased with ongoing covide surgery.

The CVD-19 hospitals in California and Bay Area have reached their peak since February when the region underwent winter octopus surgery. As of Friday, 770 people had been hospitalized in Covd-19 in the Bay Area, and the ICU admission had increased from 63 to 94 a month ago. But hospital stays are still much lower than previous surgeries and, fortunately, the death toll is much lower. Read more about the growing amount of money The indestructible swelling.

Senator Chuck Schumer was infected with the virus

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer DNI said they are working remotely this week after conducting a positive test for COVID-19. Schumer has mild signs, and when the Senate returns to Washington this week after the July 4 break, he plans to identify his “strong program” remotely, said spokesman Justin Goodman. In a statement on Sunday night, he said: The leader is fully vaccinated and doubled and has very simple symptoms.

The BA.2.75 subdivision was found in California – one of two cases in the U.S.

A new subspecies of the coronavirus, dubbed B2.75, has been discovered in California. Alternative tracking data from GISAID. One of the two cases confirmed in the United States is the new species, and the other is found in Washington. BA.2.75 is becoming a major difference in India and has been reported in at least 10 other countries but little is known about it. According to Allanmed Medical Director Dr. Elan Shapiro, it has 40 mutations. “We don’t know if our immune system will work with it, either with the natural immune system or with vaccines,” he said. Interview with KCRA “We are monitoring developments in India and other countries. We hope to do a good job and keep up with the vaccine.”

The FDA gives full permission for Pfizer vaccine for children 12-15 years of age

The US Food and Drug Administration announced Friday that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is fully licensed for use in children 12 to 15 years of age. “The approval follows a strict analysis and evaluation of the FDA’s safety and effectiveness data,” the agency said. The vaccine will be available to the age group with an emergency use license from May 2021. Recent developments may help extend the implementation of immunization orders for middle and high school children.

Sewage can be used as a warning system for new variables, according to a study

Scientists have now discovered new strains of corona virus before they could be tested, according to a study by UC San Diego. Rob Knight, a microbiologist who co-authored the study Published in Nature on ThursdayLast year, the laboratory monitored “waves of various viruses” in sewage, he told Scientific American. The laboratories differed between alpha and delta in the wastewater for up to two weeks after the strains were washed and tested in clinics, and the first person in San Diego received a positive test 10 days before the test. The scientists hope that their research will help improve public health responses before the next CV-19 variant strikes. “We’ll be ready for him when the next stress is over,” Knight said.

New York City officials are advising them to wear a home mask as the issue escalates

In the wake of the new wave of cholera infections, New York residents are demanding that high-quality masks be worn at home and in public places. “We are currently seeing high levels of CV-19 in NYC,” the Department of Health said He spoke on Twitter on Friday. “To help delay the transmission, all New York residents must wear high-quality masks around all public indoor settings such as N95, KN95 or KF94.” The city’s test scores reached 15.4%, the highest since January. The city is updating its CV alarm system due to differences between BA.4 and BA.5. “New alternatives, new variables, are entering the city,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams. He spoke at a press conference this week. “And when it comes, when it comes, we keep going. We are looking at it now and we are bringing in experts from around the world, and to find out, how do we continue to prepare New York residents and Americans to cope with the Covenant initiative and change? ”

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