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The NFL Players Association has exercised its right Ask for a test Regarding the events that led to the Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa Re-entering Sunday’s game against the Bills despite showing severe motor instability after hitting the ground with his helmet.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the investigation — which is being conducted jointly by the league and the NFLPA — includes reviewing relevant film and interviews with Tagovailoa, the team physician, an unrelated neurotrauma consultant and other relevant people. . The investigation is expected to take one to two weeks to complete.

The question will be whether the league and the association agree that the concussion protocol was properly followed or not. For severe motor instability conditions, a player may be cleared to play only if the team physician and UNC determine that the instability did not have a neurological cause.

How did that happen in this case? Did they take Tuan at their word because of the undisclosed back injury he suffered earlier in the game? Have you done anything else to show that instability is not a head injury?

He was allowed to return. But whether he showed signs of disability when examined in the locker room is a question of whether his gross motor instability has a neurological cause.

If there is a problem with whether the seizure protocol has been followed, the association can file a complaint. The dispute shall be resolved by arbitration. However, the NFL and NFLPA have always come to an agreement regarding whether or not the concussion protocol is followed in any given situation. In the past, the team has been fined. One or more UNCs have resigned. Changes have been made to the protocol to fill potential gaps.

There is a potential gap when it comes to the process of evaluating players with severe motor instability. If you’re just accepting the player’s version of why and how it’s malicious, that shouldn’t be enough. At a vague but reliable level Know it when you see it.We all know that Tua was hit hard by a head injury, because we saw it.

Regardless of the outcome, the protocol must be implemented in a way that protects players who exhibit such impairments, especially since players are wired to do whatever they are supposed to do and say whatever they say to continue playing.

Only a handful of stars, with real and unequivocal job security, have the freedom to be candid on this topic. For everyone else, there are very real potential consequences to not playing, whatever the reason. Therefore, there is a very real temptation to ignore head injuries to continue. To prevent the worst outcome, the protocol must take into account that dynamic – one player who suffers a head injury soon backs up the other.

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