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Jaylon Johnson would have made $19.8 million fully guaranteed for 2024. He traded him instead. A four-year contract worth $76 million, with $54 million guaranteed.

(As we know) initial reports tend to be exaggerated, so it is impossible to know the truth without full details of the deal.

Despite what we do know, it’s a little scary — and several league insiders are talking about it. The deal averages $19 million. Johnson could earn $19.8 million this year and $23.76 million in 2025 if re-tagged.

That’s $43.56 million over two years. When converting a franchise account to a long-term contract, the convention is to ensure that the first two years of the account are fully signed and guaranteed.

Maybe it is. Maybe the deal is front-loaded. For now, though, there are real questions about Johnson getting fair trade value with a $19.8 million tag for 2024 and a 20 percent raise if re-tagged.