As she sits down for another day of work in her New England studio, artist Chloe Barcelo is shocked to discover she’s not alone.

Glancing up, she saw a beautiful green. HummingbirdShe looks like she’s in trouble, barely the size of her palm.

“I think it came Ask me for help” Barcelo told The Dodo. He flew over and sat next to me.

Barcelow had seen hummingbirds circling the neighboring gardens, but had never seen one up close. She marveled at how beautiful he was. But why is this little man alone? And is it close to a person? Barceló knew immediately that it must be what he needed.

“I was surprised to see him in our workshop, but I was a little worried because I knew he was hooked,” Barcelo said. “Also, I was delighted to have such close encounters with hummingbirds in the back of my mind. It was like a fairy tale!”

Barcelo and her partner quickly made a sugar-water mixture and spooned some to the bird. Hummingbird drank happily. After two minutes, his eyes began to open. Barcelo could see the energy flowing back into his body.

You can watch Barcelo help the bird here:

After drinking all it wanted, the bird finally flew away. Barcelo was happy when her little friend returned to heaven.

The next day, Barcelo sees the bird happily hovering outside her house, thanking Barcelo for helping her the previous day.

“It’s my personal opinion, it was a bird with a message, because it looks the same,” Barcelow said. “It seems only fitting that he should come back and say thank you!”

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