We’ve been big fans of Art TV, Samsung’s Frame TV, for a while now, and it’s currently on sale at a great price on all its sizes. Topping the selection is a slicer Best Buy deal 2022 marks $500 off the 55-inch model, bringing it down from $1,499.99 to just $999.99 (opens in new tab).

But it doesn’t end there. Woot offers discounts on all sizes, and while the deal on the equivalent 55-inch model isn’t as good as the Best Buy deal above, there are some awesome deals if you’re looking for other sizes. Here they are at a glance:

We’ll be covering the best Black Friday TV deals all this week leading up to the official Black Friday weekend. But we can say that some of the best limited deals often come the week before the weekend, so it’s worth checking out these deals while stocks last.

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