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Google unveiled the first foldable Pixel Fold at Google I/O last May. As for the Pixel Fold 2, it is now claimed that Google will skip a chipset generation and launch the device with the Tensor G4.

The Pixel Fold hit the market in June 2023 and was a first attempt at a foldable. However, as we discuss later, the use of the foldable Tensor G2 chipset caused it to lag behind the Pixel 8 series that debuted a few months later. Personally, I felt strongly that Google should have waited instead of releasing a very expensive foldable product this late in the chip’s life.

It looks like Google may now be settling for some early Pixel Fold 2 details.

Android Authority, citing an anonymous source, claims that the Pixel Fold will use the updated Tensor G4 chipset, which is expected to debut in the Pixel 9 series later this year. This chip is only a minor upgrade over the existing Tensor G3, as stated in previous reports. Apparently, the foldable sequencer was first tested with the ‘Zuma’, the Tensor G3, but newer prototypes move to the ‘Zuma Pro’, the Tensor G4.

This slide suggest Google will push the release of the foldable sequel after the original Fold’s one-year anniversary. It is likely that the foldable device will be released alongside or sometime after the Pixel 9 series. Google’s flagship presentations take place in October. This report also says that Google is still only in the “EVT” phase of launching the Fold 2, meaning there are several steps to take before mass production begins.

In addition, the Pixel Fold 2 will also have 16 GB of RAM, according to this source. That would be 4GB up from the Pixel Fold, and also the highest amount of storage Google has shipped on a Pixel to date. The extra RAM is certainly in line with Google’s AI goals, as on-device AI has higher memory requirements. The device will use faster UFS 4.0 storage compared to the UFS 3.1 storage used in the Fold and Pixel 8.

It’s still very early, so details may change between now and the actual release. Still, these seem like solid improvements. Next, we’ll be looking forward to hearing more about the hardware itself.

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