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Sony will use the new “PS5 Pro Enhanced” tag to let gamers know which games take advantage of the console’s new capabilities. documents seen by InsiderGaming yesterday. To get the tag, the outlet writes, a game must offer PS5 Pro graphics mode, which includes PSSR for 4K upscaling, a fixed 60fps frame rate, and added or improved ray tracing.. It will reportedly display higher resolution for both fixed and variable refresh rate games.

The site says that the internally dubbed “Trinity Enhanced” tag is similar to the last generation PlayStation’s “PS4 Pro Enhanced” tag (or the “X|S” tag, which stands for games with enhancements like better load times or higher frame rates. ). It also didn’t tell players when the game was being given graphical upgrades specific to the then-new system, but what the mix of upgrades should be.

Rumors have suggested that the PS5 Pro will launch in late 2024, nearly a year after the launch of the smaller PS5 last November. Compared to the vanilla PS5, it can offer 4x ray tracing performance, 10 percent higher clocked version of the original console’s CPU, 28 percent faster memory, and up to 45 percent better rendering performance.