Montreal – Maybe it could work this way, but Rangers Half of their six choices were spent on the 2-6 2022 NHL draft at the Bell Center on Friday – a coincidence that the club should present on its current list.

The Rangers, who have a lot of hope in defense, have only taken one defender this year and have opted to pack the front line with three centers and a wing. There is still a question mark over the operation of the Rangers Second Line, which seems to be less and less likely to be the long-running Rian Main Strom or trade deadline purchase Andrew Cope.

“There is always a premium at the centers, and it can be one of the hardest places to play,” said John Lily, Rangers player personalities and amateur scouting director. “So we have targeted a few midfielders along the way and we have selected them in a way that makes the list fall short. So we are very happy to have all these players in the development camp.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

After Adam Sikora was selected by the Rangers in the second round of the NHL Draft, everyone smiled.
After Adam Sikora was selected by the Rangers in the second round of the NHL Draft, everyone smiled.
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In the second round, Rangers took Slovakia’s left wing Adam Sikoran in the 63rd round and selected the first draft. Although he did not expect to be shot by the Rangers, Sikora was delighted to be taken in the second round.

Asked to name the player who modeled his game, Psychora said without hesitation to Brad Marchind.

“He is like a mouse and is not afraid. [taller] “Players,” he said with a smile. “I try to play that way.”

Sikora says he tries to play physical games, bring energy to the ice, and achieve many successes. His father, Roman Sikora, played for Western City in the Western Hockey League. The 17-year-old competed in the World Cup for Slovakia and scored two goals in six games.

“What a special boy,” said Craig Ramsey, head coach of the Slovak men’s national team. “I’m so happy I took him as a 17-year-old [to World Championships]. He didn’t play the first two games and then went in and played hard. When he scored the first goal, Bench went crazy because he was a very good boy. The first game he played was on a chair.

“There were violent games and penalties and he didn’t play for a while and I hugged him a little and said ‘I’ll get you out there, don’t worry.’ Says and always makes other people happy and encourages everyone.

He then took the Rangers Bryce McConnell-Barker to the Canadian Center in the third round of the Ontario Hockey League in No. 97 – one of the two options in this draft was Alexander Georjeev’s trade with Avalanche. The 18-year-old McConnell-Barker is coming with Soo Greyhounds in the 49-point OHL, which includes a goal and 10 assists in 10 playoff games.

“I say I’m a two-way player,” said McConnell-Barker. “I say I’m good at defending my own zone, and I score, I can score goals and play good games when I need to. I think I work very hard and the most important thing for me is to give everything.

Minnesota-born Noah Laba, as well as the center, fell in the fourth round at Rangers. The feat, who was not available on Friday, is set for the 2022-23 NCAA season after a back-to-back campaign with United Hockey League Lincoln stars.

Rangers selected defender Vittorio Mancini, left-wing Maxim Barbashev and center-back Zakaria Carpan, who played two seasons with the Rangers from 2001-03.

“I thought we had added it to a nice swimming pool,” Lily said. “We’ve got depth, we’ve got some midfield players, some big players have been very competitive. I think around it, we’ve added some good pieces and we’re looking forward to the development camp.

Rangers Draft Preferences

Adam Sikora

Positioning- Left wing
Prepared 2nd round, 63rd overall
Height 5-foot-11
Weight loss 174 lbs
Club die Slovakia national team
What you need to know Sikora turns to face Slovakia at World Cup It is considered to be a small, fast-moving pest. Although experienced in the middle, Sikora is primarily seen as a left wing.

Bryce McConnell-Barker

Positioning- Middle
Prepared 3rd round, 97th overall
Height 6-foot-1
Weight loss 194-pounds
Club die So Graywoods (OHL)
What you need to know McConnell: Barker is a two-way player and a good goal scorer on the left.

Noah feather

Positioning- Middle
Prepared 4th round, 111th – total
Height 6-foot-1
Weight loss 181 lbs
Club die Lincoln Stars (USHL)
What you need to know Coba, who has scored 24 goals and 34 assists in 96 appearances for the stars, is committed to Colgate. Also named for 2020-21 USHL All-Academic Team.

Vittorio Mancini

Positioning- Real defender
Prepared 5th round, 159th overall
Height 6-foot-4
Weight loss 215
Club die University of Nebraska-Omaha
What you need to know Manchini is a big bodybuilder who can make an impact during a tough game.

Max Barbachev

Positioning- Left wing
Prepared 5th round, 161th overall
Height 6-foot-1
Weight loss 183 lbs
Club die Moncton Wildcats (QMJHL)
What you need to know Barbachev brings physical presence to the ice, emphasizing the rest areas and winning battles in front of the net.

Zechariah Carpa

Positioning- Middle
Prepared 6th round, 191th overall
Height 6-foot-2
Weight loss 190 pounds
Club die Harvard
What you need to know Carpa is a strong defensive center with a high and disgusting climb.

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