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The development team behind the beloved The Simpsons: Hit & Run have revealed that they were surprised the game never got a sequel and that it seemed “absurd” that they would be working on more games after 2003. hit

There have been many popular video games over the years that have never received sequels or sequels despite fan requests. Of these, one game that stands out from the pack is 2003’s The Simpsons: Hit & Run.

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First released on the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Gamecube, the game has become a cult classic among gamers. Mainly because it allows players to completely demolish Springfield, play as different characters and complete fun and original missions.

And a New interview with MinnMaxhe development team behind the original The Simpsons: Hit & Run have revealed they were as surprised as fans that a sequel to their iconic game was never greenlit.

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Sequel To The Simpsons Hit & Run B1Radical Entertainment

Hit & Run is a cult classic of the early 2000s

Programmers Cary Brisebois and Greg Mayer, producer Steve Bocska, designer Darren Evenson, executive producer John Melchior, and designer-writer Chris Mitchell all spoke, shedding light on the conversations that halted the sequel and more two decades ago.

“It was a five-game deal for less than what Vivendi paid for the first game,” Melchior said.

“He just said, ‘I don’t understand. I handed it to you on a silver platter, why don’t you just say yes and play these games?’ It was just a strange decision. I will never understand it. “Most people at the manufacturing level never understood that.”

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“In those early days, everyone was just imagining what they wanted, so I’m sure there were 12 competing storylines at that point,” Mitchell said. “Who knows what the final story would be?”

Melchoir went on to explain that “at the time, the possibility of the game not coming to fruition was unthinkable—especially with four more potential games on the horizon, with the developers agreeing, ‘It’s going to be a franchise in nobody’s mind.’

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Sequel To The Simpsons Hit & Run B2Radical Entertainment

The Simpsons: Hit & Run included the much-loved characters from Springfield

Evenson later expressed how the thought of making more games for the development team was “preposterous”; It’s definitely something we’re going to do,” Evenson added. “The stars aligned, we’re going that way. And then it was like, ‘Huh, I guess we’re not.’

While these comments mean a sequel may be off the cards for good, there’s always a chance it could be greenlit in the future.

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