Samsung has announced that it has added more features and more flexibility to the surround sound mode in the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. Ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness Day this week, the company says the new “enhanced” surround sound will add two additional crossover boost levels on top of the three already available, allowing owners to further customize the exterior sound they want. to hear when the mode is activated.

“With this enhanced feature, Galaxy Buds 2 Pro users can also fine-tune their surround sound settings for different needs using the Galaxy Wearable app,” Samsung wrote in a press release. “Users can adjust the volume on the left and right respectively, as well as customize the surround tone range from soft to clear in five different stages. In addition, ambient sound can adapt to users’ ears through the ‘ambient sound matching’ function, which allows for even greater clarity to help users better hear the world around them.”

The new settings will allow you to customize the ambient sound for each headset.
Photo: Samsung

Samsung notes that while the Buds 2 Pro do feature these new accessibility options, the earbuds are still not intended to be used as medical devices. But the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are a lot cheaper than over-the-counter hearing aids, and the added flexibility for surround sound mode could be invaluable for people trying to hear the outside world more clearly while wearing the $230 earbuds.

Owners of the company’s flagship buds can expect a firmware update that includes an improved surround sound mode “in the coming weeks.” Once that update rolls out, you’ll find these new settings in the “lab” section of the Galaxy Wearable app.

Samsung wasn’t the only giant tech player to announce new breakthroughs on Global Accessibility Awareness Day; Apple has revealed several features built around cognitive, speech and vision accessibility coming to iOS and iPadOS.

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