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Refresh [Thu 26th Jan, 2023 21:05 GMT]: Digital casting John Linneman emphasized that while he “doesn’t know” the exact details, it could be due to imitation problems, as has been speculated elsewhere.

“The N64 doesn’t have an actual sound chip, so everything is done in software… So I guess the emulator just doesn’t emulate the sound chip properly. Older versions of N64 emulators used to have this problem.”

So this is a potential emulator issue as many have suspected. Again, we want to note that the sound effect is only missing from the video as of this writing, and we won’t know if the iconic sound is missing from the Switch version until it hits NSO tomorrow.

Former Nadir composer Graham Norgate also pointed out the missing sounds in the music video on TwitterKirkhope saying “I hope this isn’t the final version” as he tagged along.

Original article [Thu 26th Jan, 2023 18:15 GMT]: Yesterday, Nintendo decided to drop a bomb on us and announced it Golden eye 007 finally coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers on Friday, January 27th. What a wonderful! We’ve been waiting for this news since Nintendo announced that it would finally be coming to the service.

Just hours after the announcement, Nintendo shared what could be one of the game’s most iconic pieces of music – the Q Watch score by legendary Rare composer Grant Kirkhope. It’s still in absolute order, but when we listen (and users ResetEra) I noticed something was missing…

Have you noticed this? That ‘gong’ sound? Not there! *sob* If you’re not familiar with the music, it should sound like this.

Okay, so we haven’t got the game yet, so we can’t verify if it’s in the NSO release or not in this clip. Still, we worry about losing one of the sound effects that defined many of our childhoods.

Many suspect that if it’s not in the full game, it might be an emulation issue. such as previous NSO releases Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Paper Mario They ran into problems typical of emulated versions of NSO, such as lack of fogging or going through menus too quickly. Nintendo has been good at fixing these issues, if any does now, we hope they can fix it too.

The “gong” sound isn’t just an iconic part of GoldenEye 007 on the N64, it’s also a big part of the film’s soundtrack and is a trademark of French composer Eric Serra. Serra composed the music for the 1995 Bond film, but you can also hear Luc Besson’s famous sound effect. Leon: Professional on tracks likeGame over‘ and ‘What is happening there?‘.

A few years ago, Grant Kirkhope shared how he managed to recreate what he called a “sonar” sound when asked over the years, and @RareLtd composer Robin Beanland demonstrated its genesis:

We hope this all came across as a bit of a stumble in the clip Nintendo shared ahead of the launch, but we’ll find out soon enough. We don’t know if the same issue will be present in the Xbox version that will be released tomorrow, but we’ll keep at it. eye listen anyway.

Notice the missing sound effects? Do you think it will be in the NSO version when it’s released tomorrow? Let us know!

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