TikTokers have been on the hunt for the latest diet trend, and now they’re finding themselves facing the “Lion Diet.”

Lion dietBilling itself as a “healing elimination diet,” it involves eating nothing but meat, salt and water for 30 days.

People are spending their time checking out the latest fads, claiming it helps with allergies, headaches, bad skin and mood balancing.

A TikTok user from Brisbane decided to try the questionable diet to see if it helped his long list of allergies, showing his progress along the way.

User @roryskitchen – who has 220,900 followers and 2.8 million likes – was trying the diet for 30 days to find out three things: – if it could heal his gut, autoimmune symptoms and health conditions; What will happen to his body after eating only meat for 30 days; And what his bud looks like.


Lately I’ve been reacting to most foods so I tried the lion diet for 24 hours…it’s a modified version of the carnivore diet and it’s basically a very strict elimination diet, you only eat meat (like lamb, beef etc.), drink only water 💦 (shiny water to the top G) and season with salt only. I saw @mikhailapeterson and Jordan B. Peterson floating around on my FYP, Reels and Shorts talking about how eating this way cured chronic autoimmune conditions. As an immunocompromised person, I thought I would take it. It’s safe to say I’ve felt better for a long time. I will be starting a 30 day version of this soon but with more focus on lean meat (called the GAPS diet) so I can start healing my gut… so if you want to see the results of that pls follow along. Also, I am not a doctor, I am making a video sharing my journey. DYO research etc. #theliondiet # meat eater #carnivore #liondiet #MikhailPeterson #jordanbpeterson #deficiency diet #Guttend Psychology Syndrome #pull

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He prepared a week’s worth of food and began eating grass-fed mayonnaise every day, which tasted nothing but salt.

He said he had “the best night’s sleep” when he first started the carnivore diet – but soon began to feel ill.

As the diet progressed, he said his skin began to look better, his sinuses began to clear, and he had more “normal” bowel movements.

Lion diet
People were documenting their time trying out the latest fashion.
TikTok/Rory’s Kitchen

According to him Latest videoHe is now on his 23rd diet and says he feels like “what I’m doing is working.”

The Lion Diet was invented by podcaster and TEDx speaker Michaela Peterson, who calls it “the ultimate elimination diet” and “cure all.” According to the Daily Mail.

“It eliminates all other dietary changes and supports your body’s nutritional needs, allowing you to thrive,” Peterson wrote in her. website.

Mikaela Peterson, 28, is a TEDx speaker, podcaster and mother of one who made a miraculous recovery after suffering from health problems such as juvenile arthritis by accidentally stumbling upon the now-popular Lion Diet.  Food groups after health problems
Michaela Petersen is the founder of “Lion Diet”.
Instagram / Mikahila Petersen

Peterson, 28, said she has dealt with a number of health issues since childhood. She was chronically ill until she was 23 years old and then on SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) until she was 25 years old.

She was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at just 7 years old — even though her symptoms started at age 2 — and was put on immunosuppressive drugs at age 8. Peterson was diagnosed with severe depression at age 12 and was treated with SSRIs.

At the age of 14, Peterson was exhausted and began to itch all over her body. Three years later, she had a hip and ankle joint replacement due to arthritis. She had chronic pain in her ankle replacement for 10 years. The podcaster took OxyContin a year after surgery and had to quit “fun.”

Lion diet
People have long claimed that the diet helps with allergies, headaches, bad skin and balances moods.
Instagram / The Lion Diet

At age 21, she was diagnosed with Idiopathic Hypersomnia (chronic fatigue). She developed a rash related to celiac disease and decided to change her diet to help her problems.

She started out on something similar to her now restrictive paleo diet and eventually moved on to an all-meat diet.

“My brain and intestines were so damaged that an all-beef or mutton (as in lamb and buffalo) diet, a lion’s diet was all I could manage,” she wrote. Lion Diet website.

Peterson has been on the diet for five years, now he is “healthy” and hopes to show people that “they can improve their lives”.

A male lion eats wild animals.
A lion’s diet is a carnivorous diet.
Getty Images / iStockphoto

according to Health line, nutritional support reduces inflammation, improves mood and eliminates problems such as headaches, insomnia and allergies. However, others say it is unsustainable, unhealthy, ineffective, overly restrictive and extreme.

“The lion’s diet excludes all food except salt, water and meat,” researchers said. “In addition to being high in saturated fat, it is unsustainable and can lead to malnutrition.”

Also, eating out is not possible, the health information company warned.

“In addition to being very healthy, the lion diet is difficult to follow and does not last long.”

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