I’m a big fan of beach vacations. Cold sandwiches, Pasta salad, Even the Italian ice cream from the ice cream truck – it’s all meatballs to enjoy under the summer sun. But, while I have a few tips based on the foods I eat at the beach, these things are real and you need to do what works for you and your summer taste.

In my opinion, they are the worst foods to come to the beach Dehydration. If you spend most of your day in the heat of the sun, the last thing you want to do is make your drought worse. Why eat something that makes your humidity worse? Or make you feel Slow When you want to have fun?

Dehydration occurs when your body produces more fluids than you take in Mayo Clinic. If you do not have enough water or other fluids in your body, your normal body function can be severely damaged. A study by Nutrition It has been shown that young adults with high salt content have lower moisture levels. When salty foods are usedToo much sodium enters the bloodstream, causing your body to store more water. As a result, your kidneys produce more urine.

Below you can bring water-soaked or slightly complex foods to the beach for a day. I suggest solutions for you to have watering options for relaxing under the sun. Here’s what to avoid and what to pack – and check out our list for more vacation tips 29+ Best Picnic Recipes For Eating Outdoors.

Sweet meats on wood

Delhi meats are known to contain high levels of sodium: an average of 500 mg or more of honey can be consumed. Instead, lower your sodium intake and choose to make a vegetable sandwich or cover it with moisturizing vegetables. It can be spread on some hummus, which lowers sodium and increases the amount of protein in your diet. Other options include this Quick Caprese SandwichThis Chicken salad sandwich with raisins and curry powderOr even fill some whole-wheat pita with this Boiled egg salad.

Eating chips

Salty snack They are really fun treats like chips, but if you need a moisturizing solution, go for other types of snacks. For example, fruits are a good option for the beach, and sliced ​​vegetables go in humus Or guacamole works just as well!

Fried foods

In the same tire house, Fried foods Also, have high levels of sodium, which can make you feel wet. In addition, your energy level will decrease after you eat fried foods. Another study from Nutrition It suggests that fatty foods can lead to daytime sleepiness, which means you may feel less relaxed during the day at your beach.

Instead, why not focus on some of these foods? 30 full-day meals?

Diet soda

Sugar-rich foods and beverages, like salt, affect the body’s metabolism. When drinking sugar, the body uses it to try and exchange more water, which increases urination. Medical news today.

In addition, if you choose sweet drinks instead of water, your blood sugar will rise and fall faster. Make you feel slow So throughout the day. Why not opt ​​for unfrozen iced tea or tea to find an alternative that provides more moisture than just water Low-sugar combo?


This is more about healthy thinking than health. Why eat fresh food on the beach, especially if it requires a microwave and takes you to your destination? The food is not only delicious but also delicious.

Frozen foods that can be stored in your refrigerator are definitely a way to go. Do you want pasta? Do this Mediterranean Caprese Pasta Salad Or this Vegetarian Pesto Gnocchi.

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