These COVID & # 39; Facts & # 39;  They are no longer true For the named article

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It’s a long-running epidemic, and COVID is still getting stronger. In the meantime, at least we have learned a lot. As soon as we stop washing our hands, there are many other ideas that we once (or still have) about updating. Here are some great ones.

Natural infection no longer provides complete protection

If you come across Kovid, you may feel that you are not going to see him again. at least A few months after their recovery. Unfortunately, for the strains currently circulating, BA.4 and BA.5, both highly contagious Omicron types do not seem to be good for infection, especially in older people. He recovered from Cowid.

That being said, the situation is not as bad as some recent headlines suggest. An article Before adjusting the claimAgain, infections “do not have the immune system,” which is false. Cited the report Oxygen micronutrient infections that occur shortly after Delta infectionsThis means that a person can be repeatedly infected with oxycodone, which is not the same thing.

What are we? do Be aware that if you have recovered from a previous infection, you may still be infected with a different strain. The good news is that the past infection still provides, at least some Protection. A pre-print suggests that you may have it even if you are still sick Excellent defense Heavy Disease. And the good news is that the vaccine is still effective against serious diseases.

“Your mask protects me, the mask protects you” is outdated.

Yes, that was a great idea when people were actually wearing their masks. Even at the beginning of the epidemic, our awareness was limited. We know that masks are very good at blocking incoming droplets went out Our mouths and noses, but we did not know that they would do much to prevent drops or air. In. It has happened.

This is good news when you go to a place where others are not wearing masks. A well-fitting mask, especially if made of high-quality filter material such as N95, It does a lot to protect you no matter what others do.

There is nothing special about six feet.

The ubiquitous six-foot rule on social unrest is based on a zone of widespread droplets. Your breath or speech is more likely to send saliva up to three feet away. Coughing or sneezing can go further, so six feet seems to work well as a rule.

But then we learned that coronavirus is good in the air. If you are in a closed area with other people, there may be a virus in the air, even if you are less than six feet away from anyone. Still, keeping a distance can be a little helpful, but it is not enough to feel good about yourself.

Our protection from vaccines has changed

This has changed, and it has changed backwards. When the first CV-19 vaccines were approved, FDA data showed how severe or symptomatic the disease was, not the first time people were infected.

After a while, the vaccines appear Did Prevent people from getting infected, even without any symptoms. We are accustomed to thinking that the vaccine will make us invulnerable. We are encouraged to take off our masks. But the virus had other ideas. Now, even if you are fully vaccinated (and with recommended recommendations) it is very possible to become infected, and get sick.

The main thing is that the vaccine does not prevent us from catching the virus, but it is It does It reduces our chances of getting seriously ill. Vaccines and stimulants are therefore important, but we should not be too eager to avoid them.

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