NEW YORK – ON Keith Hernandez Day Every day, the Mets showed Marlins exactly what would happen if you didn’t have good money.

A series of Miami mistakes made New York steal. They won 5-4 At 10 innings on Saturday, Mets officially retired from Hernandez No. 17 at City Stadium five hours later. Hernandez, known as one of the most defensive base members in Major League history, often commented on the basics – “funds” – on SNY broadcasts.

On Saturday, the Mets won the game for the first time since the 1986 World Series 6, winning the game by two more innings by including Hernandez Mantra.

Manager Buck Showalter said: “I let everyone else get in touch. “Some of the things that follow are, ‘Really?’ You go. We are children of baseball gods, but sometimes I don’t know. ”

The Mets appeared to be in serious trouble at the top of the 10th, when Marlins immediately took the lead as a short stop Francis LinderJohn Berty Infield’s single-throw error allowed an automatic runner to score a second goal. But Thomas Cottage Realizing that the diamond was unlikely to be exported, Bartin opted for a second base. Although Nido’s throw was delayed, Lindor grabbed the tag on Berti, lost his balance and fell out of his bag.

“We have always been taught to throw the ball,” says Nido. “You don’t know what will happen at the other end.”

Fundies, of course. LaterColin HoldermanThey escaped the game without a hitch, and the Mets hit twice in a row to open the bottom 10. Then came chaos. With two exits, Nido looked at Brian Anderson’s gloves to allow an automatic runner to hit the softball on the third-base line.Mark CanhaScoring.

“This is for me,” Anderson said. “I had to try to get dirty and keep that ball in the field and run there.”

The next beating,Brandon Nimo, A tapper back to the mound. Already running fast out of the box, Nimo – the longest-running baseball player in the Flux – saw Peter Tanner scrutinize the ball. As it approached, it reached a top speed of 29.9 feet per second.

In desperation, Scott threw the ball outside, giving Nido an easy way home.

“I usually run very fast for the first time, so I don’t have to do anything special,” says Nimo. ”[I] Really [tried] To put pressure on him and run as fast as he can, maybe he can use the situation there. ”

As Mets flowed out of the pit to take care of Nimon, one could hear Hernandez’s voice and scream from a distance. The 11-time Gold Glover Hernandez was proud not only of the basics of his position but also of his ability to take advantage of another team’s mistakes. The 2022 meters often seem to be built on his image, with additional foundations allowing clubs to pay for their mistakes. Saturday, First BessmanPet AlonsoIn the image of Hernandez, he enters the field wearing a 1980s-style provocative gown and a beard for the game.

“I know exactly what he means,” said Alonso, who won his first run in the fourth Mets. It is very important for this organization, especially for past players. He is as deep-rooted as one of them. When you think of Metech’s greats, he clearly rings the 17th bell.

After that, Schulter laughed at the situation – not only did Hernandez Day win the Battle of Basics, but he tied the game to a small roller from the bottom line. He joked that he would allow members of the media to use their own words to express themselves. At least some of New York’s basic successes are due to Schultler, who preaches the world in a way that no managers have. Lindor, as well as Homed, called it “Buck’s mind.”

Of course, it was Hernandez’s first thought, which Showalter knew well. This spring, at BP, the players showed up to welcome Hernandez around the battery, believing that it was important to meet with one of France’s most famous players. During his pre-match talk on Saturday, Hernandez paid tribute to the 2022 Metes as one of the most famous teams in the recent franchise.

“You want to prove it right, this is a group,” Nimo said. “We want to try to make this happen for sure.”

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