St. Andrews, Scotland – Tiger Woods has arrived at a crazy-historical 150th British Open He brought the sound of all that they found and found and spiced. On Tuesday morning, he seemed to be the leader of the country when he spoke out against the clear and unequivocal issue of the sport. He came back even with the idea of ​​great music.

Earlier in the news conference, he asked about the decision of St. Andrews’ Royal and Old Golf Club. Opposing Greg Norman Because Norman’s presence as a chairman of the LIV Tour is a distraction.

Woods said: “R&A has a clear vision and decisions and decisions.

After a few responses, he said: “I know what a PGA visit is, what we have done and what the tour has given us, the ability to keep track of our careers and the rewards we have received and the trophies we have earned. Play the story that is part of this game. I know Greg tried to do this (competitive tour) in the early 90’s. It didn’t work then and is now trying to make it work.

Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, called the British Open officials ‘little’ after the mistake.

“I still don’t see how this will work for the game. What the European Tour and PGA Tour means and what they do, and also all the experts – all the golf governing bodies and all the major champions, how they run. I think they see it differently than Greg does.

He did not give a firm answer to the question, which included a group of players who had already betrayed him and the winners, including Phil Mickelsen, Brooks Copeka, Bryce Dechamber, Patrick Reed and Louis Osteozen.

“I don’t agree with him,” Woods said. “I think they turned their backs on what they did to get here. Some players don’t even get a chance to practice. They came in from an amateur level and they never felt like playing here and playing a tour program or playing at some big events. And who knows what will happen in the near future with world-class points, requirements to enter the big championships. The governing body needs to know this.

“Some of these players may not get a chance to play in the big leagues. በእርግጠኝነት We don’t know for sure. Making that decision is part of every major championship. But that’s an opportunity, some players don’t get a chance to play in a big championship, they don’t get a chance to practice here (or) they don’t walk on August National Highways. That, to me, I just don’t understand.

“I understand what Jack (Nicklaus) and Arnold (Palmer) did (when they started the PGA tour in the late 1960s) because playing professional golf with club pro is different, and I understand that transition. Knowing that activity and touring pro is with Club Pro.

But what are these players doing for guaranteed money, what is the motivation to practice? What encouragement is there to get in the trash? You’re paying a lot of money ahead of you and playing a few events and playing 54 holes. They’re playing brilliant music and they all have that atmosphere. ”

He walked very slowly.

“When you come to a senior tour, I can understand 54 wells as a command. The men were a little older and a little more beaten. But you, in your youth and some of these kids – they are actually kids from amateur golf to that organization – 72-hole tests are part of that. Take the opportunity to practice and experience the experience we have gained and walk on these sacred fields and play in these championships.

Who can win the 2022 British Open – and who won’t.

Woods said he was “very optimistic” about the sport’s future, describing it as “the biggest golf development in the world right now because of Cowdit” and how golf is a break from the outdoors. “Just look at the tour,” he said, “the average age is getting smaller and smaller, and they are getting better and faster and winning earlier in life.

St. Andrew, the most holy of those courtyards, said that when he celebrated the founding of the “150,” he said that he was everywhere on the shirts and signs. “It’s my favorite,” he said of the course and recalled playing the 1995 event as an amateur with Ernie Ellis and Peter Jacobson for the first two days. He described how timeless technology weighs in, so on Tuesday, the wind blew, “At 10, I hit a 6-yard 6-iron.”

And as one old man put it, “Fair roads are fast and strong, allowing older players to run the ball and get a chance.

This course, like Augustus National, does not challenge the body. By masters The slope of the South Hills in April or Tulsa In the PGA Championship In May. In those cases, the. A.D. After a horrific car accident in California in February 2021, the walker was hit by a challenge to his lower right leg and was filled with hardware.

“It’s still not easy,” he said. “Of course, the dragons are by no means downhill. They are not – the failures are not downhill. But inequality still haunts me. I have a lot of hardware in my leg. He said: “Playing August, I didn’t know. My feet were in no position to play 72 holes. He ran out of gas. But now it is different. It’s getting stronger, it’s getting better. ”

Once he came here, he ordered a piece of wood into the room to strengthen the mattress, and now he ordered “more ice.”

Finally, the question arose as to whether the new generation would share their appreciation for history. And while he says he can verify history on his phone, he has heard more about the golf history he knows. “I saw Bob Charles hit 18,” he said. “I think he won 63 (or so) or something like that. Being able to see that in person, to live, God, was very special. I hope the children appreciate it. He concluded, “You have not been given anything. You have to get out there, and I found it in the trash. I am so proud of you. ”

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