• Tom Brady and the Buccaneers beat the Seattle Seahawks 21-16 on Sunday in Munich, Germany.

  • In an attempt to make a smart play, running back Leonard Fournette threw a pass intended for Brady that was intercepted.

  • After the game, Brady said he tried to end the game before the game even started.

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won their second game in a row on Sunday and traveled all the way to Munich, Germany, beating the Seattle Seahawks 21-16.

While the Buccaneers were able to get a relatively comfortable win, the game was not without its hiccups, most notably one bad fumble on a field goal from Brady.

Leading 14-3 in the third quarter, Brady and the Buccaneers decided to show the fans in Germany.

Facing a first-and-10 at the edge of the red zone, Brady lined up to the left of the snap as a wide receiver, ready to take a shotgun snap from running back Leonard Fournette over the middle.

It looked like the Buccaneers were trying a little Cats offense, but after they faked the ball for a run, Fournette went back up and caught the ball in Brady’s direction.

Things fell apart quickly.

Brady slipped on the turf, leaving Seahawks cornerback Tariq Wallen as the only man who could make a play on the ball. Fournette made the catch, throwing the first interception of his career.

Adding insult to injury, Brady was called for a pass on the play, giving the Seahawks an extra 10 yards of field space.

Despite the ridiculous ending, it’s not entirely surprising that the Buccaneers tried for him, given how the Seahawks defended Brady throughout the game.

In the previous Wildcat game, it was completely exposed when Seattle switched Brady into a decoy position so Fournette could take the snap.

Fournette fumbled for a short gain on that play, but the Buccaneers seemed to think they could pull away quickly against the Seahawks if they called the same look.

“I was hoping to be wide open, and I probably was in the first one,” Brady said after the game. “I think they handled it well in the second one, and they said, ‘Cover it, cover it,’ and I was on the sideline, ‘Lenny, no!’ I tried to shout.

“But it’s too late, and the ball goes up in the air and I’m just trying to do it – whatever, they jump up and knock it down, but I end up falling flat on my face.”

“That was a lot of fun,” Brady concluded of the game. “I think I’ve had a few catches. I’ve never had a touchdown though.”

Thanks to Brady, everything worked out in the end. On the next drive, Brady connected with wide receiver Chris Godwin and threw a touchdown strike, giving the Buccaneers enough breathing space to go on to a 21-3 victory.

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