For Tower of Fantasy fans, the hits just keep on coming. The next limited banner Simulacrum was recently revealed on the game’s official YouTube channel: players will be able to shoot for Cobalt-B on October 6. He is a weapon designer who uses a close and medium range firearm with the Fire element. firing modes and area of ​​effect of attacks.

The Flaming Revolver will be the fourth Flame elemental SSR weapon to come to Fantasy Tower and run with it. KingRaven’s Sickle, Zero‘s Negating Cube, and They are‘s Molten Shield V2. This will likely be the second Flame DPS pick, as the gameplay clip in the video shows a lot of potential for burst damage and room clearing effects. The Weapon Disintegration station may be one of its best features, as another clip shows the Flaming Revolver taking out enemy shields.

Eagle-eyed gamers won’t be surprised to see Cobalt-B’s inclusion in the Global version of Fantasy Tower. He was a possible client for the limited-time Aida Cafe event, and in the Bygone Phantasm event, players high enough in the action could see his weapon as one of the bright options for a number of floors.

Cobalt-B and its Weapon will be launched in the last few weeks big Vera 2.0 update He arrives at Fantasy Tower. A short part of Cobalt-B’s introduction looks at Mirroria, a cyberpunk city unique to its Vera zone. Vera’s official announcement said it will be released in late fall 2022. The Vera Orienteering event is coming up this week, suggesting that the 2.0 update could be sooner than expected.

Pulling Cobalt-B is another chance for players to spend their Dark Crystals on a limited banner to buy Red Cores. Everyone will want to do this as soon as possible, as a Flame-only DPS team with a solid Support pool will be possible after its release.

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