Round 1 – Light weights start with the main event with a glove touch. Physical action begins with severe right-wing strokes. RDA will be back with itself in a moment. Physic shot from football to body and then escaped with only a strong shot. A good punch from the RDA land as it moves forward. Physiov hit his body in the face. The RDA fired shots to get it down, causing a knock on the door. To complete the download, the RDA will kneel down to the thigh before falling down the stairs. Physic keeps the fight on his feet, and eventually stops. Shortly after his release, he got into a good relationship. RDA will definitely return fire. Physic gets some flying energy, but not enough to hurt the RDA. Strong ground for RDA. Physical punches hit the body before they are exchanged. The RDA fired another shot, hitting the fence again. They separate and return to the center of the room. Physico destroyed a combination of sharp deep shots in closing seconds. MMA Junkie scored 10-9 rounds for Physics.

Round 2 – Glove touches and returns to exchange shots in the middle of the house. Physiotherapist quickly eliminates punches in the body. After a while, physicist grabbed and grabbed the shot, but decided to let go. A sudden cataract from Fasiv makes it harder for the RDA to recover. After a short break they return to him and the action is fast. Physics disconnects the combination and reactivates the RDA. Another download attempt from RDA failed, but it will take its back with the house. Fissiv separates after a second after finding his back to the fence. The RDA has a good right-wing record. Physiov punches the head of the body. They trade punches in the middle. The RDA gets hit and lowered, but Fisiviv is about to get back on his feet, waiting for the cliché with the house. They split up and went back to the center and went on strike. The RDA recaptured and Physic took over. Back in the middle, the RDA slips into a nice upper part. Fiziev landed in a clear combo as the RDA tried to close the distance. Physic hit the body and RDA punched him back. MMA Junkie scored 10-9 rounds for Physics.

Round 3 – After the physical glove is touched, it opens and hits the body. RDA wants to download first, and eventually stick with the house. The RDA took his back and kicked his foot, bringing the physic to the ground temporarily. Physic quickly returns to its original position, but the RDA does not give up on the clutch and download. RDA goes for a single but Physio escapes. Punch and punch alternate in the middle, but the RDA returns for another download. Judge Mark Smith called for action in the clinic. Physic is released and returns to the center. They trade footsteps. Physic goes to the body with his right hand. The RDA wants his left hand, but Physic gets under it and pushes the RDA into the house. They went back to the center again and when he started the physics business he put his right hand on it. In response, the RDA received a good report. Physic gets his right hand around the RDA defense. They trade with punches and kicks until the end of the round. MMA Junkie scored 10-9 rounds for Physics.

Round 4 – Physiov opens by hitting the body forward, triggering a fistfight. The RDA pushed Clinto Physic to the fence. The judge hurried in to ask for action, but they split up and returned to the middle fist. The RDA wants the pill again, but a physical reversal pushes the RDA into the house. They break down and the RDA goes for a flying force and follows with two fists. Physically, it puts the RDA behind the fence. They fight for a moment before returning to the center. The RDA is shot for a good download, but it is protected by physics. Physic was shot, but the RDA was shot to download and this is still his best. He clasped his hands together, lifted them, and beat Physis on the canvas. Physic quickly finds his back in the closet and begins to walk against the wall. RDA stays heavy and makes it sit still. Physiv returns to his feet in closing seconds and the RDA puts a good left elbow in front of the horn. MMA Junkie scored 10-9 for the RDA.

Round 5 – To start kicking, they turn the body into a kick. Physic charges with his right knee forward, followed by a solid clean left hook that throws the RDA. Physical tremors and the struggle stopped. In the first round of the final round, Ficev closed the show dramatically.

ResultRafael Physiov Defensive Rafael dos Angos – Punch – Round 5, 0:18
Photos: UFC Best Photos of Las Vegas on ESPN 39 ፡
RecordsRafael dos Angos (31-14 MMA, 20-12 UFC), Rafael Physiov (12-1 MMA, 6-1 UFC)
DivisionLight weight
Distribution: ESPN / ESPN +
Judge: Mark Smith
To judgeDerek Clyrie, Sal di Amato, Junichiro Camijo

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