Philadelphia Pediatric Hospital Dr. Paul Offit sat down with Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the US government’s move to purchase additional stimulant vaccines before the fall, the popularity of the new omega-3 variants, and tensions over the effectiveness of these new COVID-19 vaccines.

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Akiko Fujita mourning Well, if the vaccine is approved by regulators, the US government is expected to buy 3.2 million Novax Covidy-19 vaccines. This comes at a time when concerns over the Omicron sub-variant are growing before the start of the fall. Join us for a discussion with Dr. Paul Offet, director of the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital Immunization Education Center. We also have Yahoo Financial Angel Angel Kemlani. Doctor, it is good to talk to you. I tell you, the time here is flawless. For the past 10 days or so, I have been talking to Angely because I have been dealing with an Omicron sub. We have seen that these numbers really get worse. What is different?

Paul is gone: Well, so the sub-variables – BA.4, BA.5, and now there is another BA.2.12.1 – probably include approximately 100% transferable species. So Omicron is gone. These are Omicron sub-variables. And they are a little farther away from omega-3s so you are still at risk if you are exposed to these viruses, even if they are naturally infected or vaccinated.

The good news is that you are still protected from serious illness. So, even though the situation is getting worse, what we do not see all at once is not a significant increase in hospitalization and no increase in mortality. Therefore, people should be assured that the vaccines currently protect against serious diseases caused by these Omicron subunits.

Angely Kemlani die- I know that Dr. Offett, of course, is skeptical about the importance and incentives of this protection to this end, and it may be a sub-group, not everyone. I would like to talk about that in terms of Novavax news and today we have released that Moderna has information that contradicts BA.4, BA.5. However, despite reports that the process is in full swing and that we may not need it, the US government has made a point last week. So please just share.

Paul is gone: Well, given the current stress, if you are only talking about motivation with the main recipe, I think there are some groups that will probably benefit in moderation before the winter months. And, for example, older people, according to Dr. Walinsky, people with coronary heart disease, such as severe heart disease, severe lung disease, or weakened immune system. .

I think the government was also talking about the so-called biotin vaccine. So not only the grandparents, but also the main culinary problem, but it is also one of the omega-3s. I think what has not happened so far is that both moderators and pediatricians have clearly shown that those two vaccines, that bilateral vaccine, are clinically better than encouraging stress.

Angely Kemlani die- And in the meantime, do you think the government is moving ahead with the information? Because you said something from the “It was in the fix” line when Pfizer’s additional vaccines were announced for the fall. Do you think we are not paying attention to science here?

Paul is gone: I don’t think the best phrase is “the train has already left the station” but “the adjustment has been made.” But I think everyone is trying to do the right thing, the FDA, the administration, the CDC and so on. But I think before you use a new product and the bivalve vaccine is a new product, you have to be humble there and clearly show that this is not only theoretical but also really important.

This is to show that antibodies against BA.4, BA.5, for example, are much better than just adding to the stress of the ancestors and, more importantly, have a higher chance of preventing even the simplest disease from the ancestors. Stress. That has not been done yet.

Angely Kemlani die- What we are looking at is basically seeing the world when we come to China, you know, you are now arguing about locks and strict measures. And we are now seeing the growth of BA.4, BA.5 in the UK and US. But around the world, we are still struggling with various stresses and the potential for new species. So do you think we need to chase the tension now, and / or are we ready for what might happen in the fall?

Paul is gone: Well, that’s a good question. I mean, if you give, let’s say, BA.4, BA.5 Vaccination Now, next year in January, February, March where are you? Is that still worth it? Or do those tensions replace extra stress? Again, I would like to say that the current Grandparents Vaccine, the first recipe, protects against serious illness. And we keep saying that this is the purpose of vaccination, get people out of the hospital, help them in the intensive care unit, away from the morgue. And these vaccines, just like they were originally developed, still do that.

Akiko Fujita mourning Doctor, what should we expect when the fall comes? I mean, we feel very similar to what we experienced last summer, when we look at the heights in the summer and then the Omicron Spill in the fall and overlapping with the flu season. Is it the kind of thing we should expect?

Paul is gone: That is a good question. I think, by the way, this is still a winter respiratory virus, although it can obviously spread throughout the year. If you look at the last two winters, you can see the amazing growth in hospitals, ICU entrance and death. I think that will be true this summer too. But we have a much higher population immunity this winter compared to the previous two winters. Eighty-five percent of the population in this country is exposed to the vaccine or to a natural infection or both. So I expect the swelling we see this winter to be much smaller than the last two winters. But again, this virus continues to amaze, so we’ll see.

Akiko Fujita mourning Okay, doctor, it’s always good to have your understanding here. Dr. Paul Offet, director of the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital Immunization Education Center. Our thanks to you and our thanks to Angali.

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