As the power requirements of CPUs and GPUs in modern gaming machines continue to increase, they are quickly becoming the space heater that happens to play games. If you use your computer in a confined space with the door closed, you may find that the temperature in your office rises relatively quickly. Some solutions to this include fans, window AC units, or moving the computer to another location and re-routing the cables to the office. These are beautiful people [Linus Tech Tips] by tried something a little out of the box putting the whole computer in a box.

We usually do not cover [Linus Tech Tips] here at Hackaday, but we thought the approach was a bit novel. PC cases have a lot of exhaust fans and holes, so it’s hard to get hot air out of one spot. So, after buying a comically large but cheaper “plant” grow tent, they can close the PC and let the heat out through some insulated ducts. A laser-cut adapter plate and 3D-printed hose connector allowed the hose to sit on the window and slide out. An internal fan pulls all the necessary air out of the tent. Finally, the temperature in the room remained cool while running some benchmarks, but there was speculation that the fan was drawing air from the rest of the apartment to remove heat from the computer. We would like to see a more closed system with a heat exchanger to the outside.

Maybe they can borrow [Diy Perks]PC build below and connect the hose directly to it, getting rid of the tent. Video after the break.

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