Person 5 Royal It was released on Nintendo Switch last month and tech experts have now tested every console version of the game. So how does the Switch version stack up? First, this is a full-featured version of the game without any major reductions. Even loading times remain fast.

There are also areas where the game suffers. Texture resolution and texture assets are “significantly degraded”, especially compared to the PlayStation 4 version. Shadows are not that noticeable either. Individually, texture resolution is still “mostly good,” but there are some lows.

In terms of resolution, in docked mode the game is displayed at 1440 x 810, which is slightly above 720p, and in portable mode it is 960 x 540. On the handheld, gamers can expect a slightly “blurry” experience and a lower resolution than others. Major Atlus titles on the Switch, mostly targeting 1280×720.

As for performance, you can expect a locked frame rate of 30fps in handheld and docked mode on the Switch. Digital Foundry sums up the Switch port as “less than ideal” – the main criticism being the “substandard” image quality. Overall, “there are no bad ports here”.

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