The Golden State Warriors and president of basketball operations Bob Myers have not had any contract extension talks in months, and the sides have raised concerns that Myers could walk away from the franchise, league sources said. The athletics. The contract is due on June 30.

The two sides exchanged offers and offers several months ago, and there has been no interest in a new deal since then, league sources said. The Warriors have yet to make the offer that would have cost Myers, but there’s a growing sense that even a competitive market offer — near the top of the executive food chain — may not have earned Myers the franchise he joined in April 2011. Assistant General Manager before being promoted to GM in April 2012.

Sources added that Myers — the architect of four NBA championships in the last nine seasons — has received strong interest from private equity money and roles in other sports leagues. There is a possibility that Myers will work in the media after his contract expires in June. This past year he dipped his toes into the world of podcasting.

Myers is expected to make his decision on the fight’s future public in the coming weeks. That time could include some tough conversations with Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Steve Kerr — four franchise legends who have expressed their desire to retain Myers, another organizational pillar, as the front office’s guiding voice.

This is an important summer season for the Warriors. Green has a player option for $27.6 million and can test free agency in July. Thompson has one year and $43.2 million left on his deal. All of that, combined with salary increases and a luxury tax bill — along with CBA penalties — brought the Warriors closer to $400 million and more than what owner Joe Lacob said he hadn’t touched before.

So the questions are urgent. What perennial number might mean to green? Is a reasonable contract extension possible with Thompson? Should anyone – perhaps Jordan Poole and his rising salary – move to make it financially viable? What does Curry think of it all? Or Kearse, who is entering his final season?

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But what’s more pressing: Who makes the final decisions in the Warriors’ front office?

“Our organization has a lot to sort out this summer,” Kerr said Tuesday. “My contract situation isn’t at the top of the list, and it shouldn’t be. Bob’s contract situation is No. 1 right now because it affects a lot of player decisions, contracts, the draft, free agency. Whenever that happens, we go through my stuff and I’m not in a rush.”

Mike Dunleavy Jr. He represented the Warriors at general manager meetings this week in Chicago. That’s not normal. Dunleavy has stood in for Myers in several other day-to-day meetings and capacities over the past year. That’s one reason why Dunleavy is seen as Myers’ natural successor, and should he leave, that possibility seems increasingly likely.

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