Kevin Looney And James Wiseman He passed the last part WarriorsFirst, practice working together in a compressed environment. Dejan Milojevic – the Serbian big man entering his second season as an assistant coach – kept Loney and Wiseman close to each other. All instructions from his coach and veteran teammate leaned in Wiseman’s direction.

On one particular possession, Wiseman started to gather for a hook shot, but the ball was exposed. Looney reached out to grab it. Wiseman expressed some frustration. Looney called him to explain why he was able to make a difference and how best to defend against such a defensive attack.

It was a lesson that would have been impossible a season ago, as there was no opportunity to take Milojevic and Lonnie Wiseman through trial and error drills. It is limited to energy recovery and low stress individual work. Finally in the third NBA Offseason, cleared for first training camp.

“It’s a lot easier to teach someone or learn when you’re on the court with someone,” Looney said.

“Watching Lou has helped James the last couple of years,” Steve Kerr said. But now when he plays against him, Lun can see and feel the tricks of the trade – flipping the screen, keeping the ball in the pocket, (handshake), all of that.

“We play the same position, the same offense,” Looney said. “He can help me, I can help him.

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