Top 10 Exotic Armor For Solar Titans In Destiny 2

Khepri’s Horn Exotic Helmet

News: While Khepri’s Horn Exotic helmet excels in its ability to emit solar radiation when deploying a barricade, it lacks the effectiveness of other Titan-specific armor pieces. A possible upgrade or rework would make it more competitive and useful in the game.

Care of Wormgod

Previously hailed as one of the most powerful Exotic armor choices, Wormgod Caress has lost its edge due to subsequent nerfs and reworks. Although it retains the ability to increase melee damage on melee kills, there are better options on the market right now.

Phoenix Cradle special foot pieces

While the Phoenix Cradle special leg pieces introduced in the Shadowkeep DLC give Sunspots a longer duration and give Sunspots effects to allies, they lag behind other Exotics in terms of Sunspot generation. A rework is guaranteed to improve its viability in the current meta.

Special leg armor of burning steps

Following a high spell in Witcher Season, Trail of Burning Stairs is empowered to amplify weapon damage while ensuring unique leg armor solar weapon kills and provides protection against stasis attacks. Although it stands as a solid Exotic, it’s effectiveness stands out in PvP activities, and tends to see less use in PvE situations.

Ashen Wake Gauntlets

Ashen Wake gauntlets are an older generation of exotic armor, but they still serve. Fusion Grenades turn into powerful one-shot explosives that detonate on contact with enemies, making these gauntlets even better in situations where you’re facing opponents of the same power level.

A special chest piece with a very light heart

Considered by many to be the most versatile unique for Titans, the Inmost Light Exotic chest piece increases ability regeneration with each use, allowing for a continuous flow of abilities. Despite some nerfing, it remains a valuable Exotic that is useful in all subclasses.

Halofire heart

Halofire Heart has emerged as a practical choice for builds focused on frequent ability usage. By standing in a Sunspot, Sunspots create additional Sunspots, making them especially effective in late-game moves that feature multiple enemies.

Loreley Splendor Exotic Helm

Unlocked in the Witch Queen DLC, Lorelei’s Splendor Eclectic Helmet features formidable armor designed for enhanced survival. When it takes significant damage, it consumes your class ability, generating a sunspot below you and replenishing regeneration and ability energy at the same time. This Exotic proves invaluable in navigating challenging situations and enduring.


Known as one of the most powerful Exotic Armor pieces, Synthoseps holds a prominent position as the second rank in its category. Its ability to increase melee damage proportionally to the number of enemies in the area remains its defining feature. Despite being nerfed, it continues to show impressive effectiveness in both PvE and PvP engagements.

Pyrogale Gauntlets

Taking the top spot are the pyrogale gauntlets, a unique piece of armor that turns a burning Maul super into a single, terrifying event, allowing Titans to unleash a fiery whirlwind upon their foes. This transform ability elevates the Sun Titans, making them more powerful and important in high-end endgame moves.

Together, these ten Exotic Armor pieces give the Solar Titans in Destiny 2 a variety of customized abilities and perks. Each offers different benefits, from unleashing solar waves to increasing melee damage. The choice between these options ultimately comes down to individual gameplay and preferences, shaping the Solar Titan’s journey to victory in the world of Destiny 2.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these unique armor pieces the best for Solar Titans?

A: While ranking the top choices, determining the absolute best Exotic armor piece depends on individual gameplay and preferences.

Q: Can these special armor pieces be used in both PvE and PvP activities?

A: Yes, most of these Exotic armor pieces are versatile and suitable for both PvE and PvP activities, although their effectiveness may vary in different situations.

Q: Do these special armor classes require specific builds or subclasses to be effective?

A: While some unique armor pieces may be better combined with certain builds or subclasses, they are generally designed to enhance the capabilities of Solar Titans in various subclasses and build configurations.