Ontarians are being asked to provide up-to-date information on Kovid. Bullets As a summer wave b Omikron BA.5 subconscious is likely to begin.

This is a very important message in Hamilton. Incentive Acceptance was slow.

“The third dose of vaccine is very important to prevent serious disease,” he said Advice Wednesday at Covid-19 Science Advisory Table in Ontario.

His message to the public gave instructions that Ontarians should know about the Seventh Covenant Wave.

Has a new wave started?

The science table announced that it could be new on Wednesday. On the same day, Hamilton Public Health Reported For the first time since April, Kovid’s distribution has grown.

Both include a number of steps, including the addition of wastewater samples from Covid-19.

For the first time since May, the number of positive tests is more than 10 percent at the state level. For Hamilton, on June 30, six percent increased by an average of nine percent on June 16.

About 80 percent of public health apartments are making great strides. In Hamilton, on average, new issues arrive every day from July 3 to 25, June 6 to 62. Issues are too low.

What drives the storm?

The most contagious Omicron sub-variables, especially BA.5, are igniting the summer wave.

“Even if they have been infected in the past, they can be re-infected with BA.5,” the science chart said.

However, it does not cause more severe pain.

“The current evidence does not indicate that BA.5 is more severe or that it will lead to an increase in hospitalizations as in the past,” the science chart said.

What if I forget?

“Infections can make you feel better, and can disrupt your family and work life,” explains the science chart. “Every infection poses a long-term risk factor.”

The risk of serious illness with BA.5 is not high, but it is not zero. The science chart reports the first increase in CVD hospitals since May.

“If BA.5 is widespread, we see an increase in deaths among the most vulnerable groups,” the science chart said.

What about the health care system?

“Hospitals are already very anxious,” the science chart warns. Any surgery comes at a time when hospitals are dealing with staff shortages and record waiting times – this affects us all.

He had Hamilton Hospitals. 700 Job vacancies and 292 workers could not be filled by Wednesday.

In addition, overcrowding in the ward and an increase in the number of patients coming to the emergency room made it difficult for ambulances to load patients. Spill In “Code Zero” events in June. Code Zero is when one or no ambulances are available to respond to an emergency.

Hamilton Hospitals also has an epidemic Back records By March, they are trying to clean up, including about 15,000 surgeries.

At the same time, Kovid patients are still receiving.

“Hospital treatments last longer than last summer,” the science chart said.

Should I wear a mask?

“Returning to wearing a mask again in a crowded public space is a good way to protect yourself until the storm is over,” says the scientific chart.

Hamilton Public Health also states: “It is highly recommended that you wear a mask that fits well at home, especially when it is crowded.

Science chart indicates high quality surgical mask KN95 or N95.

“Open the windows and doors and breathe as much air as you can,” says the science table. “Choose low-risk options – for example, enjoy the great weather by hanging out with friends, not indoors.”

The science chart warns that you can still enjoy the summer while reducing your chances of getting covadis.

“Unfortunately, a recent infection can prevent you from being re-infected with BA.5,” he said. “Therefore, as we enter a new wave, it is important to re-engage with multiple protections to reduce risk.”

Does Encouragement Make a Difference?

“Make sure your vaccines are up-to-date,” says the science chart. “It provides a great deal of protection against serious illness.”

Hamilton Data It shows the striking difference between covander bullets. Of the 100,000 unvaccinated people, 434.1 were hospitalized, but 75.8 were vaccinated against three. The risk of getting into a intensive care unit is 12 times higher if you are not vaccinated.

But coverage is low, with less than 50 percent of Hamilton people aged 18 to 39 added. Of the 17 percent of 17- to 17-year-olds, only 17 percent with three bullets is the worst cover for children.

The science chart states: “New vaccines that focus on the differences may be available this fall, but it is reasonable to have the necessary vaccines now that the storm is starting.” “If you are 60 or older or have an immune problem and have not received your 4th dose, now is the time.”

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