Breathing new life into our favorite classic games is often a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the game has familiarity with the audience, so there will already be a fan base that will be excited to see its return. Still, there’s always the risk that the updated version won’t stick with our memory of the original.

Successful or not, every year we see more and more developers trying to breathe life into an old franchise in hopes of bringing it back to its former glory days. Recently, we’ve seen Chrono Cross, Destroy All Humans, Alan Wake and many others come back to life thanks to remasters.

We also know there’s more on the way because this trend isn’t stopping anytime soon. So, which classic franchise would you like to see come back and get the remaster or remake treatment?

What is the minimum time before a game or franchise gets the remaster or remake treatment? Which remastered games have come back and captured the essence of the original for you?

What are your favorite games coming back after a long hiatus? What franchises would you like to return to that weren’t in our poll? Let us know in the comments.

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