Chicago White Sox Peter Mike Clevinger It is under investigation Major League Baseball Following the domestic abuse of his 10-month-old daughter, the mother and child.

said Olivia Finstead, the 24-year-old mother of Clevinger’s son. The athletics On Tuesday, she met with MLB investigative personnel from this summer. According to Finestead, the incident began last June when Finestead said Clevinger did not wake her up and about two weeks later Clevinger slapped her in a hotel room. The team was playing The Dodgers And they threw chewing tobacco at their child.

A source familiar with MLB’s investigation confirmed there is an open investigation into Clevinger. The source added that the White Sox learned of the lawsuit after the signing.

Clevinger, 33, reached by text message, said his agent and attorney would be in touch. The athletics. When asked for a written statement before publication, Clevinger’s agent, Seth Levinson, wrote in a text message: “We need to protect our clients fairly and well while at the same time showing respect to the White Sox and MLB.” We need time before we can respond.

Finestead, who agreed to be named in this story, first made the allegations public on an Instagram story early Tuesday.

“I hope @MLB does what they need to do and puts him into necessary treatment, maybe a little restraints (sic) so he can take the time to really think about why he’s abusing his kids and their moms,” the story post said.

Clevinger of San Diego padres Production of workers during the alleged incidents last summer. He became a free agent when his contract expired this summer and he signed a one-year deal with the White Sox.

The White Sox were unaware of these allegations when they signed Clevinger.

“Major League Baseball and the Chicago White Sox take any and all allegations seriously, and the White Sox fully support MLB’s and MLBPA’s joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and Child Abuse Policy,” the team said in a statement. Issued to The athletics. “MLB opened an investigation after learning of these allegations. The White Sox were unaware of the allegations or the investigation at the time of the signing. The White Sox will not comment until MLB’s investigation is concluded.

The Padres said in a statement that they are “aware of MLB’s investigation and fully support their efforts under the Common Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and Child Abuse Policy.” Due to the ongoing investigation, we are unable to comment at this time.

This is a growing story. It will be updated.

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